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[SOLVED] Murkmire Daily Quest Issue - Old Scrolls

I don't seem to be able to find the 3rd scroll for the old Scrolls daily quest in Murkmire.

I had a similar issue the other day when playing with my fiance - I couldn't see any of the scrolls and he had to pick them up as we were grouped so they would count towards my quest progression. But twice now I have had the issue that I can only find 2 of 3 scrolls.
I've ran all around the circle and cannot find it anywhere. I gave up and abandoned the quest last time thinking it might be a one-off. But being given this quest again today I realise I still can't complete it.

I can see a model of a little scroll by a tent that could be it but it's not interactable at all..


Edited by Technica on February 29, 2020 10:20AM
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  • Shadowshire

    Playing on PC NA, if I recall correctly, the scroll is near a tent to the southeast of where your character is located on the screenshots. Looking at the circle as a clock, the scroll would be to the left of 3 o'clock. The first time that I looked in that area, I did not find it, but found it subsequently.

    That said, I am not certain whether the exact location of each of the scrolls within the respective circles is always the same. It might not be the same exact location on the EU mega-server as it is on the NA mega-server, whether it might be missing altogether.

    By the way, it is possible to show Quest markers on the character's Compass bar. The marker is a white arrowhead which points downward, and discloses the direction in which the player needs to look. It might also say "below" or "above" on a line above the compass when the arrowhead is centered on the compass bar. That indicates the item is on a different level than your character's current location.

    For what it is worth, apparently you are running the mini-map module of the add-on Advanced UI. That is my favorite, but on PC NA the most recent version produces a UI Error that is shown after the character is loaded.

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  • heaven13
    Did you try up the ramp? Across from where you are standing, you can head up like you are going to the boss area but turn around halfway and continue up again, next to the wall. I believe some of the dailies can sometimes spawn up top though I am not sure if that's scrolls or armor (or both).

    That said, the Murkmire dailies have been...not exactly bugged for me but wonky in the sense that sometimes the quest marker for the item I am looking for will not appear unless I am directly on top of it and then sometimes I still have to angle my camera around before it shows. If you're experiencing the same thing, it might be that you've just not gotten close enough yet.
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  • Technica
    Thank you both, I've gone back in and tried to find it again

    Are you kidding me that it's up here???!
    You can see the marker says the search area is below so why would I know to come up here?!

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