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Kicked to login screen every BG I play

Since the release of Harrowstorm I haven't been able to finish a single battlegrounds match as I get kicked to the login screen after about halfway through the match. I have played a total of 8 matches and have been kicked to the login during 7 of those matches. The only game I did finish I got an infinite loading screen leaving the match. I'm not really sure what the issue is but battlegrounds are the only thing I really enjoy in this game anymore. Server performance and poor decisions by the combat team has seen a massive decline in the population of battlegrounds players both competitive and casual. Eliminating group ques was a severe blow to many of the players who have stuck around, in particular the high MMR players who have endured through some pretty absurdly poor balance patches and performance issues over the last year. My love for the game is what ultimately keeps me around, even if its just playing BGs and decorating my house, sometimes running the new dungeon DLCs, which for the most part are notably uneventful and innovative in my opinion. At least when the whole Steam fiasco happened and nobody who owned the game through Steam could connect, I could at least throw money at ZoS and buy a copy of the game (Which is the only product priced reasonably from a monetary standpoint mind you) directly through their website. But with this I can't even do anything but log in and lament about having to watch something I had a genuine passion for die in front of me.
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