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PS4 - Achievment-Problem is back again!

Hello beloved community - I am back.
At first again - please excuse my bad english. There is no real german customer support.

Dear ZOS-Team - thank you for fixing one of my problems with the last patch.
It took a few months of waiting, but I got the achievment for completing all storymissions in Murkmire in december, after I didn't get it after completing the last quest.

This achievment was also the last one that was missing for the sum-up-achievment "Hero of Murkmire" - however it does not count towards the collective success after I got it.
I also added two pictures where you can see my problem.

Can you please fix this issue too? I'd really like to get the Points and the title with my main after 1 1/2 years of waiting :smile:

Thank you.

Greetings from Austria,


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