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Crashed 10 times in an hour this morning on console

I have google fiber and my Xbox is wired to my internet. I haven’t crashed in almost a year not even during mid year mayhem. This morning 10 crashes all 5 minutes apart. Was in reapers March just walking around gathering and every 5 minutes got kicked from the game
  • Aurielle
    Great service, excellent AAA developer, 10/10. 👍
  • Nemesis7884
    yeah constant crashes now for me too...lol how is it possible that the game is getting worse with every patch that should fix things
  • LordOsiris
    It's crashing so often while changing chars, what's wrong again, ZENI?
    If you wanna know more about me, check first here: eso-database.com/en/user/LordOsiris
  • sionIV
    I've crashed four times in Cyrodiil so far, and I've been here less than 30 minutes.
  • ZOS_Bill

    Have you tried the basic crash troubleshooting in order to resolve this specific crash?

    You can find our crash troubleshooting in the article below.

    What do I do if The Elder Scrolls Online is crashing on Xbox One?

    If these steps do not help or you still cannot open a ticket please let us know.
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