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LFM vCR hard mode PROG [PC NA] - all roles

Hi there. Go big or go home right?

I'm starting a VCR hard mode prog, starting with +0 to test the waters, and then working up through 1 2 and then 3. Once we get to 3 i'd like to get comfortable on it until we can farm it decently well. It's an all magicka group for efficiency and optimization. Ultimately I don't care what class you are as long as you fill the requirements, but I would prefer necros/DK/Sorcs/NBs.

Please DM Me if:

1) you can do 70-75k DPS on an iron atro dummy as a MAGICKA DPS. Cheese allowed includes parsing food, siroria, and zaan, although you may or may not be using those in raid. No spell symmetry please. If you can't sustain on iron atro, even hollowfang won't save you. in class sustain skills are fine, its mostly about the whole 'costing health' thing.
1A) if you're a healer or tank, tell me your gear / achievements in VCR. Healers will want hollowfang, worm, olorime, and possibly Ebon [jewel and weapon] as well as symphony and earthgore. Tanks will need stonekeeper, earthgore, optionally symphony, and for body sets ebon, alkosh, yolnakrin [perfect or not is okay], torugs, other selfish sets that would work.

2) You have already cleared AT LEAST vCR+0. no exceptions. have a very clear understanding of mechanics, even if it's not relevant to your role [knowing what baneful is as a DPS for example]

3) be able to make one of two or both times; TUESDAY and SATURDAY, 7:00-9:00 PM PACIFIC time. depending on the feel of the group and if we can get clears consistently enough i might chop this down to one and a half hours just to slow fatigue.

4) if you're a DPS or Tank, be ready to go downstairs! You probably will at some point. It's really not that scary until you get to +3 IMO. +1 and +2 are ez downstairs.

I hate to sound "elitist" or "toxic" but please don't dm me if you don't meet these requirements. I don't want to have to train you to learn the basics of vcr, I just want us to get in there and start working- this is for people who are on the verge of going pro or want to get into the end game scene after mastering their role.
GH / 3/04/2021 / Elemental Catalyst Necromancer
  • Grandma
    Also since it's still early, the time tables are a little flexible. We might be able to move a day or hour around, so just dm me if you think you can make something.
    GH / 3/04/2021 / Elemental Catalyst Necromancer
  • DovahkiinHeart
    Hi, dm'ed you on discord.
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