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Argonian metamorphosis

So from what I read, the way argonian looks, hugely depends on how much he/she ingests Hist sap. So why all argonians relatively look the same, I mean shouldn't be there more beasty argonians, more humanois argonians and some somewhere in the middle? I think it would be cool if they include this, and more interesting, especially for those who play argonians.
  • Skelfish
    For the same reason that there are only cathay khajiit seen outside of Elsweyr. Not worth spending extra resources making custom player armor for skeletons other than basic humanoid. Granted, pahmar can technically be a player race since they're just upscaled models, but still a matter of how much resources and time ZOS is willing to spend on it.
  • Xargas13
    I just want to have argonians like this. Now it is not the argonian, but I wonder if they could look like that. :smile:


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  • Aigym_Hlervu
    Xargas13 wrote: »
    I just want to have argonians like this. Now it is not the argonian, but I wonder if they could look like that. :smile:


    I guess they couldn't, because the creature shown on the picture is more like a Tsaesci rather than an Argonian. My opinion is based on this contraband artwork item. This is an ancient silver mask of the Akaviri design and it depicts the face very similar to the one you wish Argonians to have. So, in other words, you wish Argonians to look like Tsaesci, but I think it is more likely Tsaesci could shift their shape to look like Argonians. Even in that case I doubt the would be any different from the natural ones.

  • kaisernick
    As far as I know, the "amount" of hist sap ingested / consumed does not decides about the look. It only reinforces connection with the hist. And since hist is a sentient, intelligent species it is more the will of the hist how to form / shape argonians. So I would assume, that different hists have different needs, personalties and different approach.
    I dont think that is true Argonians can change their gender by injesting hist sap but it is not mentioned that they did so because the hist demanded it.

  • Chaos2088
    More in depth lore about Argonians would be ace, seeing different types as we did with murkmire was a really good addition to the game I thought. Also the relationship with the hist changing the argonians to suit there needs, different hisk different argonians, there is so much more of blackmarsh to be added to the game, so we will wait and see :)
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  • korzybski
    Soul Shriven
    Nothing to add re: metamorphosis, just wanted to say that the Murkmire content was my primary motivation for playing ESO.

    The idea of sentient-trees, and a symbiotic-relationship between those trees and the lizards... I like it.
  • ghastley
    Symbiotic is the appropriate word indeed. The naturally polymorphic nature of the Argonians is likely by mutual agreement with the Hist, who facilitate, but don't dictate.

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