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[NA-PC] Carry Group Running 4-man Content (vDSA / vFrostvault / vDoM, etc)

Soul Shriven

Hey LFG folks, I’ve seen a lot of people looking for vDSA or vFrostvault, etc groups on here. If anyone is interested - some friends and I run a carry group for vet 4 man content (Helms for Hire) and would love to help you through the dungeons you need, in exchange for some in-game gold!


We are an experienced PvE team who sells dungeon completions to help you get the Monster helms and other stuff (skins, pets, etc) you need. Your participation in fighting is welcome if you want to join, but not required if vet-level PvE is not your thing.

How it Works:

You log into our Discord server ( and request a run from us via DM or using our #make-a-request channel. We schedule a time-slot for your run, and you show up at the agreed upon time to hang out and collect your loot! We only offer dungeons that we have previously run in a 3-person party or successfully carried to ensure a smooth run, and in the (very unlikely) event that we are unable to complete the dungeon for any reason, we offer a gold-back guarantee.


We prefer to schedule our clients in advance. Generally speaking, we can start a run between the hours of 7-9 EST. If you are unavailable during these times, DM TheGlowfish or Ayste on Discord. We will do what we can to work out an alternate window!


Full information can be found in the #pricing channel on Discord. The charge for a run varies based on the length, difficulty, and demand for each dungeon.

*Note - while it has never happened, we offer a gold-back guarantee. If your dungeon is unable to be completed, you will be refunded 100% of the price you paid.*

Come get those monster helms you need to complete that build!

Edit: Spelling is not my strong suit sometimes... =)
Edited by TheGlowfish09 on February 20, 2020 9:08PM
  • Pajor
    Do you offer runs to get the skin from ruins of Mazzatun?
  • TheGlowfish09
    Soul Shriven
    Hey! We currently don't offer guaranteed no-death or speed runs. We do occasionally get them during our runs (i.e. just got speed-run on a Depths of Malatar carry today), but I wouldn't be able to guarantee it up-front. :)
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