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ZOS' rules for in-Battleground behavior?

This might sound a bit petty, but is there a Terms-of-Service posted somewhere for BGs? After waiting in the queue earlier this morning, I apparently got dropped into a coordinated "setup" game of some kind of win-trading and/or achievement hunting, presumably because one of the PvE'rs involved crashed or got disconnected. All 3 teams were standing in the middle of the map during a Chaos Ball game, taking turns at holding the ball in one place. Once I came in and attacked some of the enemy players, my team continued standing idle while both other teams started trying to focus fire me while completely ignoring each other.

While it's cool to "play your own way" and whatnot, I doubt that this sort of behavior counts for that, and it's an annoying waste of my queue time. Especially since they were dragging the game out by purposefully swapping the ball around without actually making any effort to take down the enemy carrier.
  • Commandment
    Should have just asked if you could join in the fun instead. But dang those filthy premades! PREMADES AMARIGHT?
  • Turelus
    There has never been anything official outside of comments made my ZOS staff on the forums or in chats, but "trading" for achievements in PvP is against their ToS.

    The best you could do is report the people involved with the evidence you have and if ZOS decides to take action they will.

    This happens every day though on different scales, but rarely is enforced. The times it has been is normally when it boils over into ridiculous levels like the AP trading at Bleakers.
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  • Kelces
    The same happens with scrolls and Volendrung in Cyrodiil, can't do anything against that I guess. If ZoS would take any action against players who do such things, there would be a lot of people missing for a while...
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