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Garbage server.. an absolute joke! Literally unplayable lag with 1gig upload and 1gig download fibre optic connection.

Been playing since test on PC if this isn’t fixed by next update I am absolutely done supporting this garbage game!
  • liningtonsweldingb16_ESO
    Also I am a pvper so all my experiences with this unplayable lag has come in the last few weeks while trying to PvP in either Cyrodiil, ic, duels, and bgs
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  • jircris11
    Can tell your a pvper by your attitude. They said they are working on it all you can do is wait. Take a break come back later. Sony makes patching games a night mare just like microsoft due to them wanting it to be done a certain way. Not to mention a company gets charged per update.
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  • Recon4thCav
    Pvp has been worse.
  • ZOS_Bill
    As there are already multiple threads on this issue we will be closing this one. For anyone still experiencing blue screen crashes or getting lag after the update please go ahead and open a ticket with customer support.
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