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Disspar's Niche Tank Builds, Part One: The Dirty Bubble (120k+ Shields)

Hello Friends!

Today we'll be covering a build I get asked about in pretty much every PUG dungeon I run with it:
The Dirty Bubble- A Sorcerer Tank Guide

The Concept: A fun tank build capable of reaching 120k+ shields. Unkillable, unlimited resources, 35k health, and capped resistances. Not as much group utility as a DK, but way more fun. The main sets we will be utilizing are Hatchling's Shell, Brands of the Imperium, and Iceheart (RIP). This build does require a bit of farming, so if grinding White-Gold Tower isn't your thing, this may not be the right tank for you.

I've tested this build in vet DLC dungeons (with HM), VBRP, and Crag Trials.

Race: Argonian, Nord, Breton, or Imperial.
Mundus: Thief (Explained Later)
Food: Orzorga's Red Frothgar, or a Purple TriFood.


HEAD: Iceheart's Mask (Infused)
SHOULDERS: Iceheart's Epaulets (Divines)
CHEST: Cuirass of the Imperium (Infused/Reinforced)
LEGS: Greaves of the Imperium (Infused/Reinforced)
HANDS: Gauntlets of the Imperium (Divines)
WAIST: Girdle of the Imperium (Divines)
FEET: Sabatons of the Imperium (Divines)

: Tristat on 3 big pieces, the others are personal preference. Typically we want a higher stamina value than magicka, for resource synergies.

Dagger of the Hatchling's Shell (Defending)
Shield of the Hatchling's Shell (Infused)

Off Hand:
Ice Staff of the Hatchling's Shell (Precise)

Necklace of the Hatchling's Shell (Healthy)
2x Ring of the Hatchling's Shell (Healthy)


Ransack/Pierce Armor
Bound Aegis
Defensive Stance
Hardened Ward
Inner Light

Aggressive Horn


Inner Rage
Restraining Prison
Bone Surge
Boundless Storm
Dark Deal

Barrier (Or Absorption Field/Atro if Barrier is not unlocked yet)

For Adds:
We will start on the back bar. Restraining prison is like our knockoff talons, and provides minor prophecy to the entire group. This, of course, synergizes well with our iceheart set. After we taunt the big bads, cast bone shield and boundless storm, we will swap to the front bar.
On the front bar, we have two shield options: hardened ward, and defensive stance. With Inner Light on front, the thief stone, and minor prophecy from our restraining prison, our crit chance will be ~50%. The reason we do not use critical surge, which you would THINK would synergize well with the crit, is because we don't take any health damage thanks to our shields.

For Big Boss Boi:
Buff with Boundless Storm, switch to front bar. Since our CP distribution doesn't put much into block mitigation, we use Defensive Stance for two reasons: more block mitigation AND another shield! We taunt with Ransack or Pierce Armor, we place a hardened ward on ourselves, and if we know there will be alot of incoming damage, we can use Bound Aegis for even more block mitigation. If we get low on stamina, we bar swap and use Dark Deal! No need to block boss light attacks, that's what your shield is for. Apply hardened ward when you know a big attack is coming.
Usually, we use Horn ultimate to buff our group's damage. In certain cases you will want to use barrier instead (For example, SCP Hard mode ice statue phase).

General Information:
Brands of the Imperium and Barrier provide excellent group shields. While it is true we have no control over the proc of Imperium, I find it is still incredibly helpful (And fun!) The main reason to play this build is for the thrill of seeing the huge shields when everything procs juuuust right.

Health: You want anything from 33k to 35k, not including your shield from Hatchling's.
Magicka: 15k-18k
Stamina: 19k=22k
Magicka Recovery: 1500-2000. This allows more shield spam, and using Dark Deal we can trade magicka for health and stamina.
Resistances: Buffed with Boundless Storm, should sit around 32-34k

CP: (Assuming 810)

Not going to go over this a whole bunch, but here's the basics:
THE LORD: If we're going to base the build around shields, we should put at least 75 points into Bastion.
THE LADY: 30 in Hardy, 30 in Elemental Defender, and 15 in Thick Skinned for the Critical Leech passive.
THE STEED: We love the Reinforced Bonus, so we put at 80 in Ironclad, and 40 in Spell Shield.

THE SHADOW: We don't need a ton of points in Shadow Ward, since Bound Aegis and Defensive Stance do the job just fine. We will want some points in Tumbling.
THE LOVER: Most points go in Arcanist or Tenacity.
THE TOWER: Most points in Warlord or Bashing Focus.

Why not run a DK for their group shield skill?

Because I'm selfish and I want all the shields for me. Also because I love Dark Deal and Bound Aegis.

But Disspar, my teammates hate me for the lack of group utility/chains!
Put on Swarm Mother if you MUST. Or tell them to let you have fun ;)

Thanks for reading the guide. I love playing this tank, and my group mates always get a kick out of seeing my giant shields.

The Real Fake Tank- A nightblade tank that consistantly pulls 15k+ single target damage, and maintains 35k health, max resistances, and insane healing/regeneration.

I can be reached in game on NA PC @Disspar! Thanks for reading!
Flawless Conqueror on every class- Theorycrafter- General lover of the game.
  • butterrum222
    Cool build
  • FrancisCrawford
    Is the crit chance just for Iceheart?
  • rubherducky
    Is the crit chance just for Iceheart?

    Pretty much, and the critical leech CP passive. It also works with crit surge if you're not getting enough heals.
    With Iceheart nerf, may be changing it up tho.
    Flawless Conqueror on every class- Theorycrafter- General lover of the game.
  • rubherducky
    Update for Harrowstone:
    Change Iceheart for Mother Cin, swap thief mundus for Atronach :)
    Flawless Conqueror on every class- Theorycrafter- General lover of the game.
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