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Style motif for Orc Cuirass 3 and 4?

I have Crafting Motifs 8:The Orcs but realized that only contains the base Orc Cuirass. In outfit styles I've got Orc Cuirass 3 and Orc Cuirass 4 which I love. No problem for me. But hey Id like to make my own. am I missing a style book? or is that just how it is with ESO and crafting? you only get to make basic styles? or I can find these somewhere?
  • Taleof2Cities
    Aisleyne wrote: »
    When it comes to the original racial motifs with 1-4 variations, the determining factor is the level of the items you are crafting. So if you're making something for a brand new character with the lowest tier of materials, it will have the look of the first variation. As you move to the next tier of materials, your crafts will have the look of the second variation, etc. If you want the look of a style that doesn't match the level of your craft, you'll need to use the outfitting system. But the good news is that you aren't missing anything. :)

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