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Suddenly Ninjas (gankers' haven)

No interested in a fair fight?

Think that 'honour' is something that should left in romcoms?

Rather stick to the shadows and rain down death on your opponent before they even know what's happening?

Snipe? Gank?

Then Suddenly Ninjas is the place for you. Suddenly Ninjas is a haven for gankers. A place to talk about builds and sets on how to get that juicy quick kill. Want to discuss which sets to pair for max damage? How about a brutal poison combo? How about something completely different? And how about sharing that with no one crying about how they think you're a coward. Or a dirty fighter. Or how they never even had a chance to fight back! Boo hoo.

Let them have their fair fight. Let them go toe to toe. Let them flex whatever it is they're flexing. We're happy to take the kill. Mop up some tears. And file away another hate mail.

Come chat ganking. Come join Suddenly Ninjas.

Apply in game - PS4 EU (obvs) - or just hang out in discord.
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