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[PC/NA/AD/18+] Bitemarks and Bloodstains is recruiting!

Hey you...yeah you! Stop your scrolling and give this a read. We are Bitemarks and Bloodstains, a friendly casual player guild that is PVE focused. We welcome everyone; new players, those that have been here since launch or just your typical casual player! Let me tell you a bit about us;

-We are a smaller guild looking for active players willing to participate in events and help others when you can! Our goal is to have everyone be involved whether it’s chatting via text or in our Discord channel!

-We have weekly events on Saturdays and Sundays that vary from skyshard runs, world boss runs, trial, naken dolmen runs, hide and seek and other fun events! We would like to start running some smaller events during weeknights once our ranks fill up, though.

-We understand that you are adults with jobs, families, school and other responsibilities outside of ESO. We do NOT expect 24/7 commitment to the guild, we are just here to have fun!

-We are not elitist. The game is not a job. We are here to help you learn and improve. We are also looking for more experienced players to join us to share their knowledge with others.

-We’re all goofy weirdos who have tons of laughs in our Discord chat. Let’s see…..Would you rather fight 100 1-foot tall horses or a 100-foot tall horse? Is a hot dog a sandwich? Are Khajiit *** barbed? These are conversations YOU could be having with US!

-We are currently going through an improvement phase, we are working on revamping our discord, our ranking system, new events, raffles, and other things. There is more in our future!

-We also do vet pledges and dungeon runs, including DLCs! We’re looking to include more people for higher level endgame content, for those who love more of a challenge!

So if you're frustrated by large guilds that say they're "helpful and friendly" yet are anything but, or intimidated by playing with more experienced folks, I assure you we have neither of those issues. Come join the guild that 9 out of 10 dentists have never heard of! To do that, simply reply here or send an in-game mail to @ Chase19 or @ BoomerLives and ask to be invited! Thanks a lot, and see you guys out there!
  • keld53
    Soul Shriven
    I am new to ESO, been playing mmo's since 2000.
    Currently playing a healer only lvl 27 looking for a smaller guild that likes to do stuff together.

    I play est time I am open to helping out being part of events and making some friends. I am easy going open to suggestions as I am still new. Not sure I am what you are looking for or if the times will work but I am interested in the guild.
  • BoomerLives
    We have lots of EST players, and some who play super late into the night, so no worries there! Let me get your UserID and I'll send an invite as soon as I can! Thanks!
  • nalline96
    this sounds right up my ally, I would love an invite..... my id is @nalline96 in yall have a discord?
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  • BoomerLives
    Yes we do, I'll PM it to you now!
  • BoomerLives
    We are still looking for new guildies, and now we have begun doing veteran trials! We welcome players of all skill levels, so send me a PM if you want an invite!
  • Jack_krowser
    Soul Shriven
    Sounds like a blast, You can send me and Invite @Jack_krowser
  • BoomerLives
    Will do!
  • BoomerLives
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