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The powers of the Elder Scrolls

Soul Shriven
I want to know what all an Elder Scroll can do, and also if it can cause explosions, or catalyse explosions. That's my main reason for asking this, but learning more about the mysterious relics is also sought after.
  • Enodoc
    They're fragments of creation that do not exist, yet have always existed. Because of this, they are uncountable.

    They archive the past (which is fixed) and predict the future (which is in flux). Because of this, once a prophecy written in an Elder Scroll is enacted, the content is fixed, and every Moth Priest reads the same thing on the scroll; but before then, one Moth Priest sees one version of what might be, while another might have a different vision.

    They can cause time to break, and reading them makes you blind. With divine blessing you can use one to cast someone adrift in time.

    So specifically whether they have the innate power to cause an explosion or not, I don't know, but if an Elder Scroll says that an explosion will happen, then one might happen.
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  • Trias_Pandora
    Soul Shriven
    Alrighty. Thank you! :D
  • Thevampirenight
    Well past future present are not fixed in Elder Scrolls reality unless a prophecy has come to pass and once a hero fulfills one of the possible outcomes they become fixed and nothing can be done to alter the outcome. That is also the reason why Molag Bal couldn't undo his own defeat after it came to pass even a place where time doesn't work normally. Even if he could go back in time he wouldn't be able to undo it because it was already done. Nothing he could do would be able to alter his defeat thus it would be impossible for him to undo it because the elder scrolls prophecy came to fulfillment .

    The first official encounter with the Elder Scroll's themselves was when they introduced the concept with the thieves guild questline in Oblivion. The Greyfox was cursed to be forgotten by history and no one knew who they are and people they knew would only see them as a stranger with the cowl off.
    But once the Hero of Oblivion steals the Elder Scroll and gives to the grey fox he uses it to alter history and undo the greyfox cowls curse.
    Thus rewriting history to have a secret thieves guild base that wasn't there before like a new thieves guild home that didn't exist until after the rewrite and being free to reclaim his Noble Right as the Count of Anvil.

    Here is another good example of what would have happened if the End of the Tyranny of the Sun Prophecy actually came to pass.
    If Harkon was able to win had he managed to get both the bow of Auriel and sacrifice his own daughter by murdering her and using her blood to take out the sun. The Prophecy would become such that nothing could undo it not even killing off every vampire that ever existed. Because it was a prophecy fulfilled and it would become such a fixed point there would be real no hope of it being undone.

    Now if Harkon didn't turn on you and you turned on Serana they didn't give us that option for obvious continually reasons. Then it would have been fixed and couldn't be undone. So the Sun hole would forever be closed and likely magic itself would change. Of course there might be enough light from the sun to keep life going. But the world itself would have changed forever.

    Now because the Last Dragonborn used the Tyranny of the sun prophecy in the way he/she saw fit. It didn't become fully fixed and he/she could reverse it by reading one of the two elder scrolls in Tes 5. But if Harkon fulfilled it in the exact manner as the Snow elf vampire intended not even the Elder Scrolls could undo the results of what had happened.
    That is how powerful the Elder Scroll's are. Once they are fulfilled they can't be undone in any shape or form.

    They have other powers as and give benefits to the alliances that control them. But because each one is possibly destined to win none of the alliances likely wins. But they want those scrolls so their alliance can win.
    There might even be more things the Elder Scroll's are able to be used for. That we don't know about yet but the gist of it is they are very important symbolic objects in the Elder Scrolls reality since the game series is after all named after them.

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  • ChunkyCat
    the Elder Scrolls have the power to turn a young ambitious emperor into a blind old man
  • WreckfulAbandon
    You'll shoot your eye out, kid.
    PC NA

    All my comments are regarding PvP
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