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Anyone else experiencing serious lag, loading and login issues aswell as world textures missing ?

Since last night's patch my game is unplayable, hence why im on the forums. Please help zos everything was running smoothly yesterday. 😣😣😣
  • ZOS_Bill

    Is this happening in every zone?

    Are you getting any specific error messages?

    If you've not done so, the first thing you should do is run a repair through the launcher as it can help with texture loading issues in game.
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  • Rinthetharmo
    YES me also since that 4 hour long patch earlier this week. I now get horrible lag in game after a bit, and absolutely cant have any browsers or streams open at the same time either its its unplayable. I never have any issues at all so far and can run multiple streams mlovies etc while playing at the same time without any problems. It happened after that patch and does it every day now all the time and affects my whole pc as well. I have plenty or ram and memory left so tahts not the problem, so what the eck did u add in that patch? :( PC EU for me
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