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Veni Vidi Vici - Recruiting DD's PS4 EU

Veni Vedi Vici are looking to recruit some DD’s for our trial guild on the PS4 EU server.

We are a relatively small, but dedicated, group of people currently standing at 25 active members.

We ask that members commit to at least 2 runs a week; runs are held on Thursday/Saturday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. All our runs are hosted at 8:15pm UK on weekdays and 3pm UK on weekends. We are not after 'help' or casual sign-ups

There is a minimum dps cap of 70k for Mag 75k for Stam on the 21m dummy (if you are just short of this we can help).

When we set up the guild, we wanted to clear all content again as a group in order to improve cohesion. We are currently running VHoF having cleared all other trials on vet including some HM’s.

Soon we will be progging the HM’s for VMoL/VSS/VAS/VCR/VHoF and running score runs for all trials.

What we value the most by our members is a positive attitude, patience, willingness to take the progress challenge and desire to improve on the content already cleared.
We will not tolerate any toxic behaviour, but we are open to constructive criticism inside and outside the runs.

If this sounds like a group that you want to be part of please join our discord where we can chat further https://discord.gg/C6egUyD or alternatively comment your PSN and experience below.
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