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Adding More Functionality To Crafting

It's no secret that multi-crafting was a warm welcomed addition to the game. Being able to craft gear, potions, foods, and enchants in mass bulk is great. However the system could be further improved. As someone who has crafted, upgraded, and deconstructed countless items, I've come to realize that there are two key things that would immensely improve the quality of life for crafters. These additions are both Select Maximum Amount, and Multi-Tempering. Select Maximum Amount would you to select as many items as you can to either be deconstructed, or with the other suggestion, tempered in bulk far faster. As for Multi-Tempering, the process of tempering is extremely slow, exponentially so when you have a lot of items to be tempered. This would not only allow you to select items of the same quality, and upgrade them together, but perhaps also be able to upgrade from Common to Legendary quality instantly. Far too often, I dread crafting items because of how long it takes to temper gear. It's also a hassle to go through the deconstruction list, and select every single item, one by one. If you're dedicated to the cause and have say, 205 items to deconstruct after a long grind session, well you now have to scroll through a long list and click each individual item. These are very simple changes, that would go a long way to speed things up. As a side note with Multi-Tempering, there should of course be a "Type CONFIRM" prompt so as to avoid mistakes, as simply pressing E to confirm is often impulsive. I would love to hear what others have to say, and love it even more if such changes could be added.
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  • The702Guy
    I can agree with the second one of upgrading an item to a selected color if you plan on using 100% creation chance. However the first one really isnt necessary for two reasons I think. 1st being accidental deconstruction of items because of the fact you didnt have to go through each item and click on it. Second being, its already really time saving as is. Even if I have to deconstruct 200+ items at once it still takes less then 2 minutes.
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