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Pinkiller addon doesn't work

Soul Shriven

I've just started to play this game few weeks ago and I love it but I very dislike the quest helpers everywhere, on the map, 3D, etc. I tried to find a solution and I found out this addon but it doesn't work (or at least, it doesn't work for me). There is no settings inside the game or any kind of instructions in the folder or in the ESOUI website. Anyone knows how to set it ?

  • Nestor
    There are two addons i use, although they have some overlap. Destinations and Map Pins. What you do is set what you want to see, or not, in Destinations, then fiter out the other pins using the Filter Command when viewing the map (not in the addon settings)

    In fact, you may have to do the same thing in the mod you have not, use the map to remove the pins.

    Also, the stock ui settings has some things you can turn off.
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  • Reycobos
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for your answer. I've tried both and sadly, they do not work. In Elsweyr they don't work at all with the quest. In other regions, Destinations adds new pins to quest in progress, quest done and quest givers, but it doesn't remove the original quest "delivery" pin.

    In UI default settings I've already switched the settings off (unless the 3D pin quest givers). The thing is that I need to use the map to know where to go or to undiscovered new zones (I've got another addon to hide the map), but when I open the map, the pins or big circles are there.

  • WiseSky
    To remove The Arrows in 3D world Go to To game Settings - Interface - Quest Givers Icons = OFF
    To remove The Arrows in Compass Go to To game Settings - Interface- Compass Active Quests= OFF

    To Remove Arrows and Circles in Map go To Game Settings- Addons- Pinkiller-Maps Pin Options- Quest Pins = Off
    And if that does not work turn everything off in Pinkiller.
    If that does not work try having just the pinkiller addon active and try it by it self to see if other addons are interfering.

    Let me know if that works @Reycobs
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