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Accidentally Leaving Guild (as Master of Guild) Incident: 200101-000178

Shout out to @ZOS_GregoryV for informing me on an enlightening procedure.
As pertaining to aforementioned shout out, This thread will be closed upon completion of this ticket.

Main Purpose is to show forth proof of any related issues anyone can have.

Preferred Platform: PC with Keyboard/Mouse...
Incident: 200101-000178 is as follows.
HHIPDragonFox2 here, Created the Guild "InariRealms VixenDen" and somehow left it during a World Boss battle, Controls not responding issues. Now the only means for me to be is just a member of my own guild. The Guild Master leader was somehow given to the player @my-name.is_jeff who has not played in over 15 months.
My appointed next in line was @RyouLaLune
Please Advise.

Please Note: I only Lost my place as guild master of my own guild. All my Items, Gold and Guild Stats are still available. Just need "Jeff" to hand off the Role back to me. Thanks.

Action performed was during a battle sequence and interactively open the guild menu in home screen with only keyed option is to "Leave" with key "X" and key "E" to confirm.
Suggestions based on relative Item Crafting and Character Deleting: (mainly showing Keyboard Functions, near Controller Functions should have 6 button sequences displayed)
Leaving the Guild should not be as easy as leaving a dungeon, group, or the game.
Guild Members -- LEAVE, then CONFIRM this action.
Guild Master(s) --
LEAVE, CONFIRM. Leaves instantly and automatically Appoint next in line Successor.
LEAVE, APPOINT, Leaves after Selecting your Successor.
DISBAND, DESTROY, Leaves Instantly and Disbands all members from guild, as intended of leaving.
Further notes:
If selected successor is already a Full Guild Master in their own guild, a Vice Guild Master role will be given to them in absence of the original founder until a fully pledged successor is provided.
Guild Founder Info shall name the original founder of the guild and can be passed off to the next as provided.

Video on how easy it is to leave. [By speed mashing G,X,E on Keyboard)

Video on My Guild with History:

This Topic is now Closed, and will no longer be open for any unwarranted or unsubstantial context.
Remember to play fair and nice, as we all are in the same predicament.
Thanks for your Updates ZOS. @HHIPDragonFox2 (PC-Game), @HHIPDragonFox21 (Forum)
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