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Questions About Cyrodill Tier/Scoring/Rewards

Soul Shriven

I just started my first Cyrodill campaign yesterday NA server, PC). I played for about 4-5 hours, have 51k Alliance points, and received 2 Rewards of the Worthy.

1. I haven't yet selected that campaign as my Home Campaign. Does that mean that all the Alliance Points I earned were wasted, and won't count towards my end-of campaign Tier and rewards?

2. Or will the points I have already earned count towards that campaign once I select it as Home?

3. Does the 7-day campaign for under-50s reward Transmutation Geodes based on Tier when it ends?

4. Is there any advantage to an Alliance-Locked vs Standard Campaign?

  • VaranisArano
    1. Sorry, you have to home a campaign for those points to count towards your end of campaign rewards.

    2. Nope. I once did this with 100k AP, then realized I wasn't homed and had to earn the AP towards the rewards once I did.

    3. Yes, but its 10 crystals, not 50.

    4. Depends. The rewards are the same. At the moment, the alliance-locked one is more populated/competitive.
    Many players who want to farm transmute geodes will play the Alliance locked one for the alliance they have the most characters on and the faction-unlocked campaign with the rest.
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