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PS4 Ability Tracker... not kidding

As a big friend on off-meta builds and such, I decided to spend a couple of hours of this weekend to go waaaaaaay off-meta.

I created a simple script that will analyze regions of the frame. To be precise, it analyses the regions where ability icons exist. These icons are then, for each frame whilst playing, compared to images/cropped/*.png files, which are screenshots of the same icons. These shots have been captured at the moment when the ability has been activated. Since there is a visual difference between "idle icon" and "activated icon", it can be measured.

It is written in Python and can be found on Github

Early version of the script running looks like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoNBIX4KHUE

Of course PS4 won't run it, obviously, but that can be run using a PC with a capture card.

Currently it understands three icons:
  • Short duration abilities are shown on a white bar, and they are Arrow Barrage and Unstable Wall of Elements (10s both).
  • Long duration abilities are shown on a yellow bar, and the only existing in the current config is Channeled Acceleration.

...modding! On consoles! What craziness will happen next?
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