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Curse the Vinedusk

The Vinedusk Rangers are nothing but Aldmeri lackeys who have betrayed the Green Pact and Bosmeri people. While I will serve Queen Ayrenn as our benevolent Ruler under the Elden Accord, the Vinedusk are worthy of our contempt and should be outcast as the bootlickers and subversive agents of the Thalmor Government which they are! I, like those associated with the Blacksap movement, will never forgive nor serve alongside these General Endare apologists. May the Green take you all!

Was the blood even dry on the ground from the children of Cormount that were massacred by the Jade Butcher when the Vinedusk threw their lot behind supporting her Genocidal Dragoons in seeking an end to our civil war? Curse you Forinor and Curse you Iirdel. You both are power-hungry traitors to the Bosmer and Y’ffre himself! You have sold your soul and betrayed us all. May the ooze be your fate. Iirdel, you treacherous scum, I shall not even honor you by addressing you as a treethane. I spit in your one good eye you worthless curr! I shall carve out your other eyeball you ambitious ***! I shall endeavor to see you both slain and quartered! Any true Bosmer will take great joy in seeing both your heads turning on their evening roasting spit. One day we shall feast in sublime pleasure as we consume both your worthless corpses!

Faellah Eichenlaub,
Daughter of Faendal of Deepwoods slain by Endare’s Hand
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"Azura give me strength, Let my voice change the world as long as I am in it."
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