Do the writs give better rewards if you raise the tier of materials you can use?

I'm sitting on tons of pewter, which makes the jewelry writs a breeze, but as I unlock the ability to create higher level items, I started to wonder if I should do this. If I'm creating higher level rings, do I have a better chance of better rewards?

What about with the other crafting lines like woodworking...any advantage to doing higher level writs?
  • VaranisArano
    Doing max level writs gives Master Writs, which you can complete for vouchers. You also get a mix of max tier mats and lower tier mats.

    When you get items like recipes and glyphs, it will match the level of your crafting skill. Putting skill points into your crafting discipline also increases your chance of getting legendary mats.
  • Ackwalan
    The rewards are connected to the level of writ, not the item. If you have one skill point in the skill, turning in a level one pewter ring will give the same reward as a level 12 pewter ring.
    Max level writs are worth it you get more gold more xp and I believe you have a better chance of getting gold mats out of the rewards plus you can get master writs which you can do or sell. I do mine then buy attunable crafting stations and sell them.
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  • tmbrinks
    For Woodworking/Blacksmithing/Clothing,
    1. The odds of getting a gold improvement material goes up significantly as you move up the tiers. (I've found it's about 3% at tier 1, up to 30% at tier 10)
    2. The odds of getting a survey are constant at about 12.5% regardless of level
    3. Master writs ONLY drop at max tier (tier 10)

    For Jewlery
    1. Max tier writs have a guaranteed grain drop, weighted towards Iridium/Zircon/Chromium, lower levels still drop but weighted more towards Terne/Iridium and at a lower drop rate. I have not done enough testing to determine those drop rates, as max tier jewelry writs are VERY profitable if you sell the platings/grains
    2. Survey rate is still constant at 12.5%, regardless of level
    3. Master writs ONLY drop at max tier (tier 5) (this is not really that meaningful, since JC master writs are pretty useless)

    in short. Yes, max tier writs are more profitable than lower tier. Even if you have to buy some materials to sustain them, the extra improvement material drops you receive are WAY more valuable than the extra materials, so you can sell some of them to pay for the extra materials.
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  • ghastley
    The Shipments you get from doing an writ relate to your crafting rank, at least for the equipment ones. You get mats back at the same level, and one above and one below (where possible). This means that a lowest-level writ returns mats you can use, plus ones you'll use later. Higher level writs return mats you no longer use on that character, so unless you have an alt at the lower level, they're not going to get used at all.

    This isn't a problem if you leave at least one character at each level, to use up that level's mats, but who does that?
  • BackLotBasher
    Thanks for all the replies everyone gave. Clearly, I need to start doling out some point in my skill!
  • Jayne_Doe
    It's worth noting that the gold reward for turning in the writ is based on your character level. I have a couple of CP160 characters who do tier 1 writs, but get 664 gold (w/ESO+). All other rewards, including inspiration are based on skill level, except, it should be noted, for intricate/ornate gear, which is 50% chance to be at character level or crafting level. So, my CP160 characters doing Tier 1 gear writs get either Level 1-14 or CP 160 intricate/ornate gear.
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