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Back on the Wagon...

Not the wagon that goes to Wrothgar, the one that leads to anything but this game. I started logging in again just to do writs and train alts at the stable. Then did a few pledges and was able to PvP for short periods uninterrupted during off peak hours. It got my confidence in the game performance back up. I fell off the wagon.

Last night, I joined a guild group in Kaal and had some great fun. I got a bluescreen early on, (BS, for short) and restarted my PS4 before logging back in hoping it would lengthen the time before my next BS. Futile. I was carrying blue's scroll when I got my next BS. Great timing! I say "my BS" because its as if fate has a load of BS qued up for you the minute you enter the campaign. They are inevitable, like death and taxes - but only if I play the game. The other group members also had multiple BS, not just me.

Thank the Divines I have very little invested in the leaderboard this campaign, same with the last. Others have a large time investment towards emp or gold rewards and I hate to imagine the frustration/obligation conflict. Consider this though: Whats more important? The campaign progress that resets every month, or your happiness IRL?

So, back on the wagon until ZOS can remedy the BS. I really hope the reinstall the game update takes place before midyear mayhem and works. I'm still hoping, and in order to keep that hope alive I have to step away again to avoid the frustration.

This isn't a quitting thread, just a take a break recommendation based on in game experiences. There are some players who may find a break from the game can be positive and help in more ways than one. Obligatory: PS4NA I have power cycled, erased save data, I am using external storage, and have a wired connection. There is nothing for me to do now but wait and hope I will be back sooner than later.
"You get that blithe assumption that the status quo will always remain - or that this guy is so bad he's got to go. Neither are necessarily true, nor necessarily false." - Michael Kozak
  • Haquor
    But bruh..... dont worry about that. We are all going to get a bat pet!
  • Spartabunny08
    Maintenance on 16th is supposed to help with this. Maybe see what happens, here's hoping. Lol
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