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Back on the Wagon...

Not the wagon that goes to Wrothgar, the one that leads to anything but this game. I started logging in again just to do writs and train alts at the stable. Then did a few pledges and was able to PvP for short periods uninterrupted during off peak hours. It got my confidence in the game performance back up. I fell off the wagon.

Last night, I joined a guild group in Kaal and had some great fun. I got a bluescreen early on, (BS, for short) and restarted my PS4 before logging back in hoping it would lengthen the time before my next BS. Futile. I was carrying blue's scroll when I got my next BS. Great timing! I say "my BS" because its as if fate has a load of BS qued up for you the minute you enter the campaign. They are inevitable, like death and taxes - but only if I play the game. The other group members also had multiple BS, not just me.

Thank the Divines I have very little invested in the leaderboard this campaign, same with the last. Others have a large time investment towards emp or gold rewards and I hate to imagine the frustration/obligation conflict. Consider this though: Whats more important? The campaign progress that resets every month, or your happiness IRL?

So, back on the wagon until ZOS can remedy the BS. I really hope the reinstall the game update takes place before midyear mayhem and works. I'm still hoping, and in order to keep that hope alive I have to step away again to avoid the frustration.

This isn't a quitting thread, just a take a break recommendation based on in game experiences. There are some players who may find a break from the game can be positive and help in more ways than one. Obligatory: PS4NA I have power cycled, erased save data, I am using external storage, and have a wired connection. There is nothing for me to do now but wait and hope I will be back sooner than later.
You can put any vehicle you want on the racetrack that is ESO, just don't blame anybody but yourself if your VW bus gets passed by a Ferrari.
  • Haquor
    But bruh..... dont worry about that. We are all going to get a bat pet!
  • Spartabunny08
    Maintenance on 16th is supposed to help with this. Maybe see what happens, here's hoping. Lol
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