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[PC][NA] Pegasus Command- Peg Com Guardians

Pegasus Command, in ESO Peg Com Guardians is a mutigame guild with over 200 members. We started our guild here in March 2019, and are looking for members to continue to build here and make something cool and fun for our membership. Our focus is on fun, learning the game and helping members progress. We are a laid back community and embrace diversity and are open to all adults. We do only speak English in our discord but have members from all over the world. Your time in game or preferred class is not important, as we welcome both veterans and new players of the game.

Our goal in ESO is to build a strong community of players looking for a variety of in game activity. We have weekly Ops for members to work as a team, and do slow roll/RP content as well weekly. We at this time are focused on PvE, but do plan to expand as we are able. We have monthly giveaways and are active on Twitch. This is our recruitment video

For more information about us check out our guild site at Pegasus Command.
To join, sign up on our site, and hop in our discord, the invite link for it is top right of our guild page.

We are nothing without our members!
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