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Book: Anatomy of the Vampire

By H Y
Chapter One- What Vampirism is and is not.

The restless dead, the undead and the returned, folks consider vampires to fall under this category. Unfortunately for those that believe this it is not in any way shape or form accurate and in reality they are not reanimated corpses they are not false life and most importantly they are not undead in the traditional way . The meaning of the word Un and its context with the word undead is the reason why. Un is the prefix of a verb usually expressing a reversal of an action or state. Undeath would be the reversal of death returned from a state of death. Vampirism doesn't work that way. Unless the vampire was slain by a hunter and then brought back from the dead from a necromancer then vampires would fall under this category.

Vampirism is a transitionary condition it doesn't really kill the victim but what it does do is place the victim in a death like state to where they seem to be dead.
Now if you know how to use magic to transmute ore to one type of ore to another its the same principle. Iron ore is transitioned to Silver Ore and Silver Ore is transitioned to Gold Ore. Similar effect here.

Chapter Two- Facts and Myth

Vampirism alters the blood, first and then it alters the body to the point it appears dead. Vampires might not appear the need to breath but if you take one to the lake or the river and submerge its head. The vampire will drown. I know I tested it on myself thinking if I was undead could go explore under the water. To my shock it wasn't the case and I was actually drowning. Yes I'm a vampire and yes I have to drink blood. Was lucky not to gone to far from shore.

Some myths told about vampires is that they cannot eat food or drink anything but blood. This isn't true, vampires can process food and drink. But the fact is we don't really benefit from doing so. Vampires gain nourishment only by blood. If I do eat still have to defecate. Just because we are in death like state does not mean we can't enjoy the pleasures of living though it isn't the same. It doesn't feel as great and got to get use to the feeling of not craving actual food or drink and overcoming that. But we can hold it down and process it. I myself enjoy garlic bread. Going into myth number two here.

Garlic vampires are driven off by garlic that is a myth. This isn't true and some vampire really love garlic like myself who enjoys a good loaf of garlic coated bread or garlic seasoning on steak bloody steak that is. While myths do often come from actual facts so its not something you can fully dismiss either. The fact is Garlic is more of an allergy but its an extremely rare one among vampire kind. Such vampires can't eat it or they become severely weakened. Think of it more like a allergy to nuts or onions or other fruits or veggies. That is the effect Garlic has on vampires allergic to it but in place of hives or swelling garlic weakens the vampire severely sapping its strength its magical resistances to almost non existence. Though it might not kill such a vampire with the weakness it can make such a vampire very vulnerable. This is what some of the vampires I've met have told me but they have only encountered one vampire in all their unlife with such a allergy. Majority of vampires don't have such an allergy.

Vampires taking damage from holy places and being slain by being close to a shrine or going inside a chapel.This is a myth. Though some vampires might feel pain or extreme pain in such places. A vampire might feel extremely uncomfortable. There are rumors of vampires that take such damage. But I've never seen it myself. Nor have I seen any vampire that has ever claimed to have a weakness like this that severe.

Vampirism can't be cured that is a myth I stopped bothering searching for a method for a cure because I enjoy being a vampire now. Though I don't like what I have to do. But the longevity of it. Has allowed me to explore and do so much over the years that I couldn't do in a lifetime. How I know it can be cured because I knew a vampire that actually was cured. But unfortunately he died several weaks later from Rock joint. Could have told me I could have brewed up a potion but no matter he was very stubborn. The Cure is extremely difficult and for each strain it differs. He wouldn't tell me the exact method, he hated sharing information. But I do know he was in fact cured and going back to what I said about the condition being transnationary. As the body is transitioned in its death like state, the cure reverses restoring the person to full on life. All vampires are technically alive. This is proven by fact they can eat drink and process food and also by how they can drown. But the death like state is so convincing Arkay's effect on Mortals have no effect on vampires. Explaining the reason they do not age and making them effectually immortal unless slain.

Sunlight this is not a myth weakness varies by the strain of vampirism. It does not always kill the vampire, some strains standing in sunlight too long burns you to death and sometimes to ashes but others only the blood boils or have the feeling as if your blood is on fire. But it doesn't kill you. Some vampires not even bothered by sunlight at all. If well fed but if thirsty then the sunlight really starts to burn even more. Can even kill a vampire. .

Chapter three- Traits and Quirks of the Vampire.

Vampires can come about in three different methods. Molag Bal the creator of the condition is one method but its horrific, the second is being turned by another vampire and the third method is alchemy. Yes Vampires can be created by Alchemy. Guess which method turned me into one because it wasn't the first two. The reason why Alchemy can do this is because alchemy can do many things including alter the body composition when using very advanced methods. I won't tell you how you can become a vampire through alchemy or how to replicate it.

Vampiric Anatomy does not much differ from the living. Except for the following their hearts do not beat but the blood still flows, vampires might appear not to breath but they still are able to drown. Other anatomical make up of the vampire is their extendable fangs and saliva. Vampiric saliva helps seal wounds make it easier for the vampire to blend in. While the blood can pass on the condition. Note vampirism cannot be passed down just by simple biting their has to be transfer of essence between the vampire and the victim. The blood of a vampire and the blood of the victim or the essence of the victim and the essence of the vampire through a spell like vampiric drain. When vampires get very sloppy with their feedings they can bite into their lips. When those fangs that went into their own lips pass into the victim this is enough to start the vampiric process. But the victim must survive the vampire attack otherwise they won't become a vampire and the incubation of vampirism after the point of infection is three days usually unless you got it from a purer source. Though I have not cut open a vampire myself to see what does what my own personal experiences with it should be enough. Though it might differ between strains.

Vampiric abilities, vampires can vary in their powers and attributes might vary also the older the vampire gets the stronger they get and the more useful their abilties will get along with their ability to use them whenever they want. Younger vampires can't use their more powerful abilities if they have any unless they are extremely thirsty in some cases younger vampires are the opposite and have to be well fed to use their gifts. Though a younger vampires abilities and what they can do varies on how thirsty they are. Over time if the vampire doesn't feed they become weaker and the effects can be anything from going feral to ending up a coma state. This goes for any vampire not just the younger ones. As people must eat to remain healthy a vampire must feed to remain healthy both mentally and physically.

As for what powers vampires tend to have it examples of known Vampiric abilties. Invisibility, to charming a victim, the ability to see better along with heightened sense of smell ability to hear things clearer. Transform into mist, call forth bats or other vermin or rarely transform into bats or other creatures of the night. Each strain is unique and its powers differ between clans. My advice is don't listen to all folk lore on the various strains as much of it is to make the creature scarier then what it really is and also some of it is physically impossible. Volkihars ability to phase through ice without breaking it is a myth and so is it a myth that they can live in frozen lakes. As frozen lakes have water and vampires can drown. This includes the Volkihar vampire strain. Though they do in fact have a affinity for cold magic and necromancy. Many have the ability to cast chill touch from what I have heard from another vampire I knew. Immortal blood is an interesting read but the crap they put into that is meant to make the Cyrodiil strain look like they are better and indestructible and make themselves like they are the masters of everything. They pioneered the art on feeding on those who are sleeping and are one of the oldest bloodlines in Cyrodiil. According to them at least. Some say the Altmer Vampire clans pioneered the art. Either could be true.

Chapter Four- Author's Note

I do hope this book is helpful for understanding the vampiric condition. I might not be one hundred percent accurate on some things but going by my own experiences and personal experiences and my conversations with other vampires. I have given you a glimpse into our world. Vampirism is a condition a disease that alters the body. Its both magical and physical. It causes the vampire to seek out the blood of other living beings. We do have souls and many vampires fall to their blood thirst. Not all of us have but it is a thing that happens more often the naught. The blood thirst if not taken care of can do that to a vampire and the condition can change ones outlook on things. But it doesn't make us evil by default. Many vampires become evil because its easier to process that and the way they are treated and shunned drives them down that path. Does it have to be that way no.

I do understand the reason why we are feared and for good reason. I can't blame anyone for it. If we are undead to you, that is fine I might not agree with the classification but it is what it is. But I prefer the term False Dead because that is what we really are. Unliving is another term for it. Even though I'm unalive I do plan on many years of research and hopefully one day will author more books. Till then goodbye and may your neck remain safe from our kind. Can't promise I won't feed on your neck if I have to but I will process I will not kill you my control is well defined not to kill. Only in severe blood thirst would that even happy and I do try keep well fed. Goodbye have a great day or night.

((Tell me what you think? basically explains how vampirism works throughout the elder scrolls with my own characters telling how it works or how she thinks it works I discounted daggerfalls holy weakness because of the fact half the lore was basically tossed out by the time bethesda did elder scrolls three. Holy weakness hasn't been seen since then and I think might have hit the retcon pile along with Reyman Ebonarm, Sai and Other a lot Daggerfall and Arena concepts. but I did make mention of it anyways but in a terms of it being a myth and unverified. Hopefully you enjoyed this one I might make changes based on advice so I do hope for feedback on this)))
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