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Replaced AUI to Bandit and Misses some functionalities

Soul Shriven
Following suggestions, I uninstalled AUI and installed Bandit.

However, I am felling the lack of some features:
- Damage numbers popping up (AUI shows only crits by default, but can show all dmg as well)
- when someone is in your crosshair, it shows it as yellow if it is not hostile.
- minimap does not work with gamepad mode
- Does not show the time
- Does not show how many quests you currently hold
- Does not show a brief description of the quest

however, it also has some features I enjoyed and that AUI lacks:
- Shows a big text and audio notifier when the enemy is casting a hability you can interrupt or need to block
- Allow for some buffs to be hidden from the UI (such as my werewolf bite cooldown, since it is 7 days I do not fell the need to display it everytime)
- It certainly has other uses I did not notice, or noticed at a glance and do not know how useful they are, such as automatically changing your CP's, combat metrics, so on

So, here is my doubt: Can I somehow integrate these functions of one Addon in the other? As of now I am almost certain to return to the AUI since the time and the quest tracker and the differentiation from neutral to enemies is a big deal to me.
  • Fiewiel
    Install and configure raid notifier for blocking & dodging skills.
    Install and configure ssrendar for whatever skills you want to display on screen.

    Use a search machine to find out if AUI works with both addons (scan the comments if needed).

  • Unseelie
    I have been bouncing back and forth between Bandit and LUI because both have things I like.
    LUI I love the info bar, I love the battle information, honestly most things.
    Except (I do not know the exact term) the boxes that show your life/stamina/magicka as well as the enemy boxes (frames?)
    Instead I like how Bandit has your information cleanly at the bottom of the screen and the enemy bars just seem better all around (especially for seeing hostile guards).
  • monkeypunch
    Hoft has several addons that really enhance his bandits ui. Info panel, gear manager(works like dressing room including repairs and recharges), Map pins (does all the map markers in one), and a loot manager to help sell off and track loot. They are configured through the bandits ui settings once added. Hope that helps some
  • NoNameNamer
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