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How to build a group

Soul Shriven

a friend of mine and me started playing the elder scrolls online recently. In the group menu we could find each other and join a group, but as we are in different instances of the same area we cannot see each other and play together. When trying to travel to each other we get the error message "You can not leave the area" (we are playing in german and the message is there "Ihr könnt die Gegend nicht verlassen", so I am not sure about what it is really in english...). I already found at https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/newplayerguide/chat the information that traveling in that we cannot enter or leave Cyrodiil by travilng. We are both in Cyrodiil, so this might be the problem (even if no one of us enters or leaves it, we are both there).

Can someone give us a hint how to play together? Is this only possible later in the game? Can you give me an idea how much later?


  • idk
    If you are grouped then travel to the person you will likely be in the same instance.

    Also, there are some quest areas that change after you complete the area. In those areas if one player cleared it and is grouped with someone who has not they will not see each other except for the chevron depicting the players location.
  • Alienoutlaw
    the trouble you are describing is that you maybe mid quest and your friends will not have done that quest therefore will be in a different instance, some quests are solo and can not been done with a group if one player is in IC or Cyro they will need to leave to join you or you need to join them (if your going to PvP) you can not jump from PvP to PvE without using a wayshrine to take you into PvE but you can jump between PvE to PvP and Cyro to IC
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