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10 - 15 min load times.

Hi. Had a little issue yesterday with long load times into dungeons but today it took 10 minutes to load into game. Any "Travel to Player" or "Visit Residence" Ports go to disconnect a.k.a. infinite load screen, with no resolve. Again this is just noticeable in the last two days. Did a DNS Flush, Cache clear. What's up?
  • Anotherone773
    Could be many things
    1) resource problem on your PC. Make sure other programs including virus scans, video players, viruses, etc are not sucking up memory. I see so many people tell me their "device" is running slow and they have 47 tabs/windows open each using a little bit of memory to keep active in the background.
    2) Could be a corrupted client file related to travel that cause its to crash when you travel.
    3) Ping/bandwidth problem. Is someone downloading/streaming. Are you on a shared network such as in a dorm or other public network causing it to timeout during travel. Check your in game ping, use a route tracer, and speedtest your connection.
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