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Planemeld Story Arc: Finished Harvest Heart Quest, no indication of the next quest..

I'm in Coldharbour, have restored the Hollow City and opted to ally with the vampires. Can't seem to find an indicator on the next quest. My character is a level 30 Warden, do I need to level up more to get the next quest?
  • VaranisArano
    If you head north from The Orchard, you should meet King Dynar near the Reaver Citadel Wayshrine with the next quest, "The Citadel Must Fall".

    However, you can also go to the right or the left from the Orchard to deal with The Lost Fleet and The Manor of Revelry first, if you want to.
    Edited by VaranisArano on December 31, 2019 7:40PM
  • jkmooney
    Did find the Wayshire to the north, but didn't know about the other side quests. Just crossed Labyrinth at this point but I might try them if I can go back.
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