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Is this intentional - vHRC HM boss throws shield at tank?

At the start of the fight where we use the boss' shield throw to smash the gargoyle statues, if I face the boss away from the group, the boss throws his shield at me (tank) instead of someone jn the group. Is this working as intended?

This only happens during the phase where we break gargoyle statues. After that phase, and I tank on the middle platform, the boss never throws his shield at me when I keep it faced away from group and he always throws it at someone in the group.

If it's not intentional, what's causing this?
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Best Answer

  • eco_TR
    Works as intended. As far as I remember that was always like that. It is RNG to whom the shield will be tossed to, including you as the main tank as part of the 1/12 chance.
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    Accepted Answer
  • CrashTest
    Thanks, exactly what I needed to know. Now we can adjust strats.
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