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LF target dummy

Looking for the best place to get a target dummy and other home furnishings. Maybe you have one, or can craft them, or have a super awesome guild that has them. Any help is appreciated!

Psn: Asmodeus_Devas
Toon: Sampagita
  • Nord_Raseri
    You can buy a skeleton (3mil health) dummy from crafters or in traders for roughly 80-100k gold on ps4 na(last I've seen). Or you could join a guild with a guildhall. There's also a quest in clockwork city that gets you a weak dummy(Only 250k health).
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  • Ax412
    Thank you! A solid answer
  • idk
    I am a dummy and I volunteer, but am not a furnishing.

    *Hope this does not constitute naming and shaming.
  • MechanicalMudcrab
    If you would like I can send you a guild invite( it's a laid back group focused on making friends and having fun.) We have crafters that can make them as well as several houses open to the guild that have a variety of dummies ranging from the small skeletons to the trial ones, along with crafting stations.(no all but the hall is growing)

  • M_Volsung
    I have a dwarf brass centurion target dummy in front of my house... I use it as a garden gnome.
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