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The Artificial Prince- The Formation of the Artificial Sithis Shaped Hole in the World.

Written by Nobody that is obviously better then all you N'wahs bah boring. Nah just kidding why would I call all my potential students N'wahs? No matter.

Chapter One
Hello Travelers, Adventurers, Book keepers, Bandits and students of the Unknown that read this. Today we are going to talk about the reality we live in. We are going to talk or I'm going to tell you the Origins of Sheogorath but also go into deep details you might not know about the reality we live in. Ta da, alright now you have heard of the Convention right? How Trinimac removed the heart of Lorkhan pinned it to an Arrow then Auri-el shoots it into the sea? If you know what I'm talking about good then we are getting halfway there. After all you only know one half of the story,
First of all numbers have symbolical importance. Every Aedric and Daedric Being has one. Did you know that Lorkhan's number was both eleven and thirteen? As every tell told has some truth to it. Both the Altmers and Dunmers. Yes yes, Vivecs sermons creepy weird stuff involving feet and spears but Vivec was not wrong about the numbers Eleven or Thirteen hes not a complete loser.

For all you unintelligent brains. No aedric or daedric being has the same number. Except one does. Sheogorath himself. Now why is that? Why does Sheogorath have the same numbers as Lorkhan. By the way if you add thirteen plus eleven, What do you get? If you answer is twenty four then you are correct. Twenty four makes up the being that is Lorkhan. As a whole hes twenty four. The number eleven is unique every being with that number. Is a duelistic being meaning they are another being at the same time but one can't exist when the other is manifested but they are both the same being same entity. Because of this Lorkhan is Auri-el and Auri-el is Lorkhan. They are one and the same. Each one switches places with the other and fights themselves. That happened at Convention and Auri-els Knight Ripped out Lorkhans heart Lorkhan dies and Auri-el returns no longer having to deal with his inner Lorkhan anymore. Yay for those Aedra but they were idiots. Lorkhan is the Sithis hole and Auri-el the Anui-el cork. That seals the hole but the hole keeps opening and closing. This allows both the Aedra and Daedra to exist. As one becomes the other. Thirteen is the number of the serpent. Serpent that was Lorkhan that was Auri-el that is Akatosh. Eagle plus Serpent is Dragon.

Chapter Two
Now with the Sithis Hole forever closed the Daedra had a big problem in their realms of chaotic water and bodies made out of themselves . They were about to lose their ability to exist and yes their existence was threatened when the heart of Lorkhan was ripped out what do you think is going to happen that reality would just go on without no conquences for the heart being ripped out?
Answer is no same thing that happens to everyone that loses their heart they cease to exist as living being take a soul gem out of a construct what happens? Construct cannot function.
As without the Sithis hole Oblivion would have been transformed into its opposite order. If this happened they would have ceased to exist. That Order being the perfect order Altmer hold was lost to them after convention and the creation of the world according to them. But no not really that order was lost when the Daedra took action to save themselves when they say Sheogorath was formed from the death of an Aedra they are meaning the death of Jyggalag. As the Sithis hole was Orders counterbalance as Sithis itself is chaos. Anu is Stasis, Anui-el is Order. Anui-elic force entered the void for the first time becoming a new concept Perfect Order, Obsessive order. They call this force Jyggalag.

The Daedra knew of Lorkhan's plan they knew what Sithis had in store as they too are connected to Sithis through Lorkhan. Through the Sithis Hole that is Lorkhan. This means all Padhomic Daedra are tied to Lorkhan and through him Sithis. With the Sithis Hole closed the Daedra were in great peril the worst peril and they knew it. They had to come up with a replacement. An Artificial Lorkhan and this is when the Sithis Shaped hole of the world is born. With this hole they made sure their existence could continue. But Jyggalag gave the princes something as well. Their unique structure and respect for order. The Daedra had to do something and though they didn't create the world they created the Artificial Sithis Shaped hole in the world. They all banded together Bound Jyggalag to what was left of Lorkhan and Sheogorath the Sithis Shaped hole was born. Sheogorath the Prince of Madness was born. This new hole allows the princes to continue to exist. Without that Hole the Daedra go byebye but do we really need them answer is yes to much of something the whole dish would have no food as it would only be dishes ontop of other dishes. It threatened the Mundus as well. Dream would have sealed up and we all would be trapped here upon death. All Holes would be filled and we really would be in a prison. Something the Followers of Sothia Sil do not get which makes them idiots that can't even understand fundamentals of reality at least VIvec knows the Fundamentals.
Chapter Three
Sheogorath might not be Lorkhan but he isn't truly sithis born. He is sithis shaped Shaped out of an Anuic being. Now Jyggalag being to powerful a force always returns. But he is always rebound to Lorkhan. The cycle that shaped Auri-el and Lorkhan now plays in Jyggalag and Sheogorath. This balance allows the Daedra to keep on existing. Poor Jyggalag oh how I ever feel sorry for you. Nah not really I find it amusing actually. Because of the Daedras efforts a new duality was formed. Sheogorath is formed taking the rule of the Duality that bound Auri-el and Lorkhan. While taking on the role of the serpent. Becoming tied to the number thirteen. Lorkhan and Sheogorath might not be the same beings. But they share the same numbers. As Numbers go, very important for the continued existence of Sithis in our reality. As much as I don't like the mad god, hes role is so important that he is needed. Until the time When Lorkhans role is taken up by another then a new balance can be formed and Sheogorath won't be needed any longer.
Chapter Four
Also if you add up eight plus sixteen what do you get? If you calculate them together and you answer is Twenty Four then good for you you then get the number of Lorkhan or Sheogorath. Also for any of you idiots thinking that Lorkhans corpse is the moons clearly you don't know a thing about Enantiomorphs, the Six concepts or any of the deep stuff that is our dream reality. Oh yes we are in a dream within a dream, a wheel within a wheel. Time makes it seem like not a dream but its a dream. Everything is a dream. Can't get a grip on it then your best off zero summing. I don't need CHIM to know that its fetching obvious already. Sorry Vivec your CHIM means Nothing why don't you learn how to Amaranth. Oh sorry you won't ever and you will forever suck in this pitiful dream. Goodday everyone hope you learned something. I have question is will you? I doubt it.

(((Kinda tried to sound like Mister Nobody from doom patrol in a way if you know what I'm talking about hes that obvious Chimster in that DC spin off of the show Titans that is quite good I recommend it. anyways tell me what you think of this bit of fan fiction I written? I know its not perfect or might not be completely correct but its an attempt to bring together mk deep lore with the lore that Sheogorath is Jyggalag. Plus fitting it into Numerology as both 11 and 13 do add up to 24 so does 8 and 16 which is most interesting and how they could be connected. As Sheogorath is tied to the serpent which has thirteen unstars while Sheogorath has 13 blessings and going by the sermons he would also a duality aka number 11 and you add that to 13 that equals 24 the same when you add up the number of aedra to the number of Daedric Princes. Also if you add up 11+8 you get 19 and there is 19 voids according to this thing Bethesda released some time ago with an interview with Haskill and Dyus. ))
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