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((PS4 - NA)) MerchantAndMercs Recruitment

Looking for a guild that is focused on group PvE?

we understand end game PvE isn't for everyone but we encourage it. If you are new to trials all we asked from you is to be open to learning. And for the veteran players to have patients to help lead them. Everyone may tryout for our progression team, members who don't want any part of vet trial content are (NOT REQUIRED) to do any DPS testing. We do everything here so it is 100% optional to tryout for our progression team.

Will we have trader access?
Yes, we will be providing a trader at 300 plus members, if you are new to trading we run events to help players earn gold, etc. and teach our guild how to make a profit on their items. You can still post items to sell to Merchantandmercs members until we have a trader.

Are there due requirements?
No everything here is donation based, you earn your ranks by how much you participate with the guild, What I do differently as the guild leader? I match any donation of gold up to 1 mil. all the gold earned goes towards helping our members, etc. we do have a guild Taborn, it is 2000 gold, however, it is optional as well.

Yes, we have master crafters, We don't charge members at our highest members rank, which is a citizen member, anyone looking for gear that is not yet a citizen has to provide the base material, any questions please ask an officer or our guild master. We have a guildhall, all Mundus, all crafting stations, an event maze house, etc. if you would like access to our crafting house, please contact an officer for a port.

How to join?
Contact Next_Mr_Big message PSN first, if you get no reply message Trigunimmortal. We will inv you to a party first before inviting you to our guild, just to go over some stuff before you enter, any questions please leave it in with your request to join.
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