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Controller scheme goes crazy randomly when interacting with objects, most commonly crafting benches

Soul Shriven
I am on windows 10, trying to play ESO with a controller. I also have a mouse attached to the PC.

When I interact with certain objects, most commonly the crafting benches when I try to destruct gear, I will lose the ability to press controller face buttons, and X and Y get flipped and become super sensitive. Exiting the bench I cannot move my character and the game has to be restarted. Sometimes when the bug occurs I switch to mouse mode, and sometimes mouse is fine - otehr times the pointer continually drifts to the bottom of the screen and I have to fight to get it to go up, and accurate locationing is impossible till I exit game. I actually had this later issue happen once after exiting the game so long as the ESO launcher was the active window. If the window was minimized normal control returned, and it would go weird again if I brought the ESO launcher backup.

I have tried updating video drivers (long shot), changing from borderless window mode to window mode, disabling all mods (still does it).

I played final fantasy XIV on controller with the same setup before ESO and had zero issues. To the best of knowledge my hardware is fine, and the fact it occurs at specific instances during gameplay suggests it is a software rather than a hardware type issue.

I am on steam, but have had this issue whether the steam overlay was running or not, which to the best of my understanding changes whether steam is mediating the controller support or not, though I don't know the full details of how steam interacts with controller support based on different settings.

I would assume this was a game bug, but I am not seeing a lot of people complain about controller issues on this forum, unlike in November when a similar bug occurred which seemed to be triggered by crafting bench interactions which seemed to affect many players.

If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.
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