Aetherius Trading Alliance (Craglorn/Mournhold/Alinor) PC-EU Recruiting New Members!

We are Aetherius Trade (Craglorn/100K), Nirn Traders (Mournhold/50K) and Sovngarde Traders (Alinor/5K weekly fee, no minimum sales), currently recruiting farmers, crafters, resellers & power sellers. Any level is cool but you must be able to sell at least the minimum. You can find us in-game via the Guild Finder or send us in-game mail.

@EllieBlue @EC_Rob
Nirn Traders GM (est 2015)
Semi-retired. Playing games for fun. Super casual.
  • CantFixIr
    I can vouch for this. It is a lovely guild, well organised and sales are good.
    Game name @CantFixIt - EU-PC Server - Australian player
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