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Thank you to those who helped and a merry Xmas to all

I stopped counting after 30 runs. Ran fang lair until my eyes needed a rest from too much screen time. For days running over and over hoping the RNG gods would reward me with a Caluurion's Legacy inferno staff. Listening to fallout 76, age of Conan, Diablo, and elder scrolls 3 music to pass the monotony of running the same dungeon over and over and over. Here is my experience:

I’m a mageblade veteran. Built my character to be all 3 on normal mode only. Tank, healer, dps on normal mode dungeons. On veteran I que only as DPS. To get the fastest que I qued as a tank for normal. I think the dungeon finder is wonky. If I waited in que nothing happened. If I constantly entered and dropped que it would pop almost instantly most of the time.

In all my runs except one, all the people were nice. Only in one run was someone rude and complained about me being a fake tank despite the easy success of the run.

Had a mix of all player skills, but I can solo any boss in fang lair, so not a problem. It was fun carrying and helping people learn the mechanics, many were doing it their first time. Out of all the runs here is what dropped in groups of 4.

4 resto staves
1 ice staff
1 lightning staffs
0 inferno staff
2 great swords
1 sword
1 shield
1 bow
2 maces
2 great axes
Bunch of blue jewelry
And a ton of crap from the other sets which I didn’t keep track of.

I finally got the staff on my first run on Christmas morning from a random chest! Thank you Santa?

Why is this staff so important? If your a mageblade this is a must for burst in pvp and will allow you to run black rose prison on back bar. 3 jewelry, 1 staff on front bar and then whatever 5 piece you want on body. I use bright throat.

Anyways, thanks again to all the randoms who supported and wished me luck. Merry Christmas to all and to all a happy new year.
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