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Win House in Christmas contests - PC/EU

The Screenshot contest "Best present"

X-mas is closing in. It is time for the joy of giving :elka:
The gifts come in all sizes and shapes- so make the Best present you can think!
Maybe it is a pony, maybe a toy, or shiny jewelry - it's up to you!
Remember, no present is complete without a beautiful wrapping!

Competition Rules
-Make an in-game screenshot with UI off according to the competition theme and send it to discord @Ithilis before the application time ends.
Only Screenshots without editing and with UI off are accepted.
-Screenshots are allowed to be made anywhere in game, inside a player house or in the open world.
-Screenshots are rated in accordance with the competition theme and innovation.
-Modifying screenshots with software is not allowed.
-The winner is decided by public vote. The screenshots will be published for voting anonymous.
-Every player of EU PC server can take part in the competition!
-Participant must register in this theme or send pm discord with screen to @Ithilis :smile:

*In-game ID;*
*Name of the Guild;*
*Name of the Screenshot/ a short description about the present (from who to whom, why this one) (not obligated);*
*Key bound to screenshot making by default is “Print Screen”. All screenshots are saved in directory “My documents/Elder Scrolls Online/liveeu/Screenshots”.*
*For UI disabling use “On/Off” key, which you can bind in the Controls Menu.*

Competition Stages

Application Time ends on 28 December
Voting is taking place on December 29 -3 January
Winners will be published at 4 January

Winner determination

The screenshots are posted anonymously on Discord and in Aetherius Art Facebook page for voting.
Everyone may vote as many times they want by reacting on the picture.
Competitors with the highest score are considered the winners.
The prizes are shared if competitors have an equal number of points.
By participating in the Contest, you agree that screenshots and videos of the submitted works may used and published in the Internet.

1st 30% of all donations + Ravenhurst or Grymhart's Woe house

2nd 25% of all donations + Autumn's Gate or Captain Margaux house

3rd 20% of all donations + snowman (crown store item)

4th 15% of all donations donations + furniture pack

5th 10% of all donations + furniture pack


GM Aetherius Art - Housing Guild (PC EU)
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