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Replacement for bone pirates

See many builds for stam using this. I'm looking for a set you can buy on guild trader to pair with new moon for stamdk pvp. Any thoughts? Maybe ill farm it later but need starter set.

Best Answer

  • Pogues
    Cool, would shackle breaker be better than new moon and spriggins to start? I have spriggins on another toon i could steal. Thanks
  • Taleof2Cities
    It depends on the rest of your build and content type you’re doing, @Pogues.

    Spriggans and New Moon are both outstanding for damage ... but the combo is poor for sustain. Which is why some players use Bone Pirate for sustain.

    If you have sustain covered elsewhere, or have a playstyle that isn’t dependent on too many stamina abilities, then that should work fine.

    Bone Pirate is slightly better than Shacklebreaker in most areas ... unless you run magicka support abilities for your stamina character.
  • fred4
    Without knowing the build, who can say. Shacklebreaker is great, if you need some magicka sustain, but you can run a stam DK without any. Heavy or medium? You care about sustain? Using heavy attacks in your rotation? New Moon single-barred?

    Personally I still run Fury and 7th Legion back bar on DK. Your's sounds like a medium setup. I tried to make medium DK work for the longest time with only moderate success. It doesn't suit them. I think a heavy build with a 1H+S back bar is what makes DK really work.

    If you're set on Bone Pirate long-term, then Shackle is probably the closest thing in terms of stats.

    Off the top of my head, if I was front-barring New Moon, I might looking at something like Trappings of Invigoration on the back bar and either 2x Agility or 2x Blessing of Potentates. Won't buff your heals though, unless you have one (Rally) on your front bar.
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  • Pogues
    Thanks all. I switched a toon to pve and did 1 run and got 4 items. Just need to get 1 more ring and farm transmute.
  • El_Borracho
    Bone Pirate is easy to farm. But Fury is what I run these days
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