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Alliance War

It's been 7 months since the last "Official" Thread for updates to Cyrodiil from @ZOS_BrianWheeler. Not one response among the 400 replies in the official thread from Summerset update announcement. Cyrodiil PVP has become near unplayable most of the time, as server performance bleeds and the constant nerfs and changes to skills.

Here are some suggestions from the last time posted towards the Official thread:

Right now, campaigns seem stale. Server population is, at best underpopulated when using comparison between Factions.

Faction Locking: Great Idea! However, would it not make more sense for Faction Locked Campaigns to be Account Wide? Instead of being locked in the faction your current character enters on, why not give us the choice at the start of a campaign/first entry to campaign - see below:
Player chooses to enter Main Campaign for the first time (During current campaign duration) and receives a Selection Screen that the player must choose one of three Alliances to commit to.
ALL Characters of this player's account is then Faction Locked to the chosen campaign - For duration of Campaign and Selected Campaign ONLY.
Once Campaign resets, player must again choose.
This would really give players a better choice to coordinate with their Guilds (Especially multi-faction guilds)

Siege and Keeps need a redesign. Most keeps are currently designed to favor the attacker, not the defender due to limited siege placement capabilities. Why not add addtional NPC options for defense, such as Archer siege for the top of keeps (5 per wall section) that activate once the Keep is flagged. You could add moats around Home Keeps, trenches that can be activated once the Keep reaches maximum level.

Emperor, Alliance Ranks, AP and rewards need a big overhaul...Right now, reaching Emperor is a great achievement. However, the concept has become extremely stale as less campaigns are concerning themselves with "scoring" rather than just beating each other up! Players are still being boosted to achieve Emperor for title and rewards because the AP system is constantly exploited! I suggest changes to the Emperor abilities (Siege related) to be more "command" abilities than just actives/passives, such as "When near an enemy keep reinforce your attack by commanding X NPC's to man the Ram" or something like that. Also, would be great to get minor skill lines unlocked for reaching Grand Overlord. These could be broken down into one of three usable trees - Warrior, Tactician and Commander. Only one tree may be active at a time, giving the players an incentive to reach max level for an added edge - such as damage/defense abilities, rogue-ish speed and traps abilities or Buff/Debuff abilities to match the three categories. Golden Vendor needs to be less RNG and more efficient in delivering End Content gear. As we delve further into our PVP addiction, we really don't want to go "parse test" to be accepted in End Game PVE groups for gear...

Add hidden activities that randomly generate on the map, like Molag Bal sends his legions to wipe out the Factions. Keep us on our toes...don't let us spend 18 hours waltzing around resource capping until the 8 hour prime time...

Invest in more server resources for Cyrodiil??? This isn't out of the question, as ZOS does this yearly for Mid-year Mayhem.

What is your thoughts?
  • VaranisArano
    I'd prefer to hold any additional changes until performance is actually fixed. That's the main reason the campaigns are underpopulated.

    Revamped keeps, sieges, emperor, etc. might be nice, but if performance stays poor, it'll have about as much impact as Volundrung, extra outposts, and collapsible bridges/gates have - minor gameplay changes, but no real overall improvements. Without tangible performance improvements, changing Cyrodiil gameplay is a little like gilding a pile of poop.
  • Karivaa
    Would be fun to have a completely different map.
  • mayasunrising
    I really like these suggestions!
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  • Alomar
    Or...accept the fact that none of that nor basic performance improvements (look at what the activity finder improvement did, broke it) will ever happen.

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  • TheBonesXXX
    Get rid of Factions.
  • Alienoutlaw
    there was a thread from about 2015 referring to siege and the possibility of introducing siege mounts (not unlike the hammer in use) but purchased from siege merchant for say 1-2mil AP,

    some very interesting and good ideas here.

    as for the map, i think getting Emp should reflect more than just the capture of 6 central keeps, every couple of hours, one way to improve a sustained population would be to increase the number of keeps needed and have a timer for those keeps to be kept ie: Emp must hold ALL home keeps with scrolls and at least 3 of each the other factions keeps ALL assets must be held for a minimum of say 12hrs

    as for Faction lock i think this was and is a great introduction to PvP but to appease those that like to swap sides i think maybe a mercenary option for the campaigns could be introduced, flagging that person as a faction traitor and placing a bounty on their heads from the Alliance they first locked to at the start of the campaign, this player would then be free to sabotage scroll runs, let their friends into the back doors of keeps ect ect but would pay a high price if caught and killed, if successful the rewards could be just as great at the end of the campaign.
    there are spies and gorilla tactics in real warfare so why not in PvP?
    just a thought
    Edited by Alienoutlaw on December 23, 2019 6:32AM
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