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noticed something about White Gold Tower

In the lore, White Gold and the ring surrounding it was referred to as a "wheel within a wheel" because there was white gold at the center (imitating Admantia), and then 8 towers surrounding it. However, in game...the ring around White Gold only has 6 towers. Was this an oversight or is there a reason for it?
  • VaranisArano
    The reason is that it matches the Imperial City we see in TES IV Oblivion. Technically there are 6 towers on the wheel + 1 more tower each in the Arcane University and in the Imperial Prison coming off the wheel.

  • Thevampirenight
    There is also a tower in the Waterfront. That would be Nine Towers.
    Market District (or Memorial District) Tower
    Arena District-Tower
    Temple District-Tower
    Talos Plaza District (or Nobles District)-Tower
    Elven Gardens District-Tower

    Outside but connected to the City Through Bridges
    Arcane University-Tower
    Imperial Prison-Tower
    Each one has a tower. of Some kind. Maybe the imperials changed the layout or repaired the city or changed it over time after they took it over could explain why there isn't eight districts and given the damage the city has gone through several times. I think they have in fact repaired the city themselves. Explaining why there are six districts instead of eight. But maybe its an oversight. But one thing is for sure there are Nine Towers.
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    Please add Fangs to Vampires.
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