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Stamwarden starter set

Wondering what 2 sets to get that i can buy on trader. And what is the ideal armor weight for each piece. Getting info on mag pvp seemed easier. Thanks all.
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Best Answer

  • fred4
    Meta (or close to it): New Moon Acolyte Nirn Maul front bar. 1H+S Potentates back bar. Warrior's Fury. Bloodspawn. 5x Heavy, 2x Medium. All Impen.
    PC EU (EP): Magicka NB (main), Stamina NB, Stamina DK, Stamina Sorcerer, Magicka Warden, Magicka Templar, Stamina Templar
    PC NA (EP): Magicka NB
  • Lucious90
    Ive had a hard time looking at sets for my Stamwarden,

    what Ive come up with is 5 pc Warriors Fury, I was able to literally farm this up in about 4 hours running around in groups and around 100k AP

    Potentates, I only have a 2h since I hate the aspect of running PVE content to do PVP I dont have access to Blood spawn yet. The idea is to run Potentates on a 2h and 1h/Sh on the back bar.

    Since I play a Orc warden with heavy armor warriors fury Ive decided to test out Spriggans for my second set though Im still working on my second set of armor to find the right combo. I keep getting melted in Cyro but thats most likely do to me being under 300 CP (hate the CP system) but do alright in BGs,

    I would be curious to see what others say
    Naturegoat - Stam Warden
    Healgoat- Mag temp
    Staticgoat- Stam Sorc
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