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Game is unplayable since patch today

Literrally non stop 5 sec lag spikes on ps4 since the patch. What is going on!!???
  • codierussell
    I am having the same issue as is the rest of my trial group at the moment.
  • ZOS_BillE

    Are the lag spikes you've experienced performance or connection related?

    There are some troubleshooting steps in our FAQ below that can help with these types of issues.

    What can I do if I am experiencing lag while playing ESO on the PlayStation 4?
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  • iaminc
    It’s absolutely terrible , lag spikes , latency and crashes are frequent across PS4.

    It is not people’s routers , consoles or anything other than a major issue with something at your end ZoS.

    Tried to run vet sunspire several times since the patch and the lag is so bad that multiple people crashed , restarted , crashed and lagged out.
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  • InaMoonlight
    Happens on NA too, hard to complain about people wanting to help the puddycats, but even only doing two dragons today the toll the overcrowd lag kills , i saw a fair bit getting nuked.... or just standing there without casting, or moving out of aoe's , which is most likely someone having a techie issue that happens once in a while to me too... can't cast, cant heal or get out of the way due to some kind of Halfloaded texture thing, loading can be fine, no lag, everythings smooth, until you get near draggy... there the texture goes back to the base one, and touch that line and im running in the spot for a while looking like im just standing there to other people. Now i make a point of circling the dead dragon, pretty much waiting for them to relog so they don't loose tickets/loot... </3
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  • DrOuttaSight
    Same here on PC EU

    I was trying to play the game
    I was killing a dragon, (Southern Elsweyr) and it had 42% life left, then it,

    and everybody else froze, while I continued using my staff,

    then I was booted out of the game,

    the Lag was 185, before I was booted.
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  • Bobby_V_Rockit
    Unplayable lag and disconnects. I’ve changed all my internet settings back and forth, rebuilt database, turned HDCP on and off, everything. Still the only game in my library doing this. Picking flowers causes spikes, unsheathing weapons takes 3 seconds, combat it completely off limits.

    Can always tell when the other players are just stuttering across the screen randomly that there’s no point continuing to play this session.

    This is the worst I have ever experienced the game’s performance, prior to the patch I didnt really have any issues at all.

    PS4 EU. Send help please!
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  • AgaTheGreat
    The problem is that it targets random people. One or two people in a trial can be extremely laggy in such a way that the game freezes for them for a few seconds and than speeds up. Sometimes they even DC.

    It is very random and it's absolutely not internet related. Because you can have the fastest internet and still experience that lag.

    Blue screens (crashes of the app) are still happening.

    PS4 EU
    PS4 EU Aga_The_Grey
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