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what happening to scammers?

Soul Shriven
Hello all, I just wanted buy crowns form one of seller. [snip] , I send him the gold and he just disappeared. I opened support ticket for this but I don't know what happening to that scammer? also will I get my gold back? ( P.S. I also have screenshot from our conversation). I am sure Eso will see all the chat details and transfer form the records. If anyone else have experience please tell me what will happen to that scammer after all?

[Edit for naming and shaming.]
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  • robwolf666
    They won't tell you. And highly unlikely. But, a perfect example of why I don't do any trading with other players.
  • Nairinhe
    1. Naming and shaming is prohibited
    2. They will never told you what happens to reported person
    3. You might get your gold back if it's first time and support is in a good mood
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    is Fennorian a light source?
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  • Raisin
    ESO Service won't tell you (or anyone) about the actions taken, so there's no solid answer.
    I've heard of people getting their gold back from customer service, but they didn't do it for me. Chances may be better if you record the whole interaction, so I suggest doing that next time.
  • vovus69
    Never ever send gold first. If guy don't want to gift you first - he is the scammer.

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  • ZOS_GregoryV

    We are closing this thread as do not allow Naming and Shaming on the forums. Scammer cases are reviewed on a case by case basis and handled accordingly (by a team different from Forum Moderators). The best way to report scammers is by using the in-game report feature. If a player is out of range and you happen to have screenshots, then the next best thing would be to submit a ticket with our support staff so that the case can be reviewed and handled accordingly.

    Thank you for your understanding,
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