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Who is the Dark Spirit named [?????]?

Mentioned in the book The Dark Spirits by Amun-dro, the Silent Priest


Not too bothered about the black panther (the year of Azura's cats is all but over). The hidden sword is Mephala's Ebony Blade, I assume (it was hidden behind a locked door in TES V).

But, who do you think is "a warrior in ebony armour"?

The reflex answer is Ebonarm, but a little thought shows that it must be wrong. Ebonarm doesn't work for the daedra, he's more of a peace maker than a spirit of vengeance, and it also looks like he has been retconned out of existence in ESO already anyway.

The Ebony Mail is Boethia's boon. So who is wearing it? Are we being primed for something in U26? Ebony kind of fits with gloom, nightfall, and gothic.

Maybe Darien has found a new mistress. This would certainly make him appear different to when we last met him.

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  • mague
    "The Dunmer believe ebony is the crystallized blood of the gods. Whose gods, they don't say."
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  • CE_Nex
    I think it is an Easter Egg that refers to the HoonDing from Yokudan mythology that manifests in special mortals, hence the fact it has no will. The Hidden Sword may refer to Prince A'tor and Cyrus from Elder Scrolls Adventure: Redguard. As for the warrior in ebony, even though yes, he's been retconned, it may be a reference to Ebonarm since sometimes he was mentioned as a manifestation of the HoonDing.

    And the black panther bit, well Michael Kirkbride said that when writing for Redguard, the Yokudans were black people who came from another continent, conquered the land and pushed out the natives: it was the first time he came across the idea of "black imperialism" and that he realized it could be taken as dangerous commentary. He went on to draw a parallel with the Black Panther party during the writing of the story.

    It should also be noted, the man who led the Ra Gada during their conquest of Hammerfell was Frandar Hunding. Another avatar of the HoonDing.
  • Number_51
    My first instinct was Ebonarm as well, but it seems he is considered an enemy of Azura, and there's no evidence Ebonarm was "born" of Azura even metaphorically. I also thought of The Ebony Warrior, but I'm pretty sure he's just a man. Although he is Redguard in Skyrim and hidden sword sorta brought to mind the Shehai (the sword conjured by Sword Singers).

    In the end, I have no idea, but I like CE_Nex's take on it.
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  • RaddlemanNumber7
    I'm starting to wonder if it might refer to Sai Sahan. He seems to tick all the boxes.

    We know he has some god-level back-up, enough to put him back in the land of the living. He also wears the Moon on his forehead and a Star on his chest, which would suggest that back-up is Azura.

    Black Panther, without getting political, because he has been put back into the world to work in aid of the Khajiit.
    A warrior in Ebony Armour because he doesn't actually wear much armour, only his skin.
    Hidden sword may refer to his continuing inability to manifest a Shehai.

    A spirit of vengeance directed against Kaalgrontiid and it's followers.
    PC EU
  • Eporem
    There is another book written by Amun-dro which tells a bit of the period in which Azurah grieved that might give clues of what was borne from this grief, this spirit of vengeance, though the only thing I can see would be a Sea that was created from her tears, so I question where or what this sea would be.....


    To me, Ebony mail is the breast plate created by Boethiah, the Ebony Blade was created by Mephala, and the Black Panther then is somehow related to Azurah (since it was bred by the Baandari?) so maybe when this spirit is summoned by the respective princes it manifests within these things that are connected to them.

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