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Dunmer minor house, How do your roleplay them. (my idea)

From the lore i could find it seems aside from the 5 great houses there are some minor ones (House Sadras for example) but there is no lore on them how they work and what makes them only minor.
This isnt a massive issue on the lack of lore, far from it, the fact that there is next to none means it gives a massive chance for rpers like myself to develop them.
I have a few ideas on how a mainor house would work but i am curious what others think, or what have you implimented in game.

Here is my idea on how a minor house in dunmer sociaty would funcition, note that in some areas i used the name Ranleth as a example of a minor house, this is the sirname of my dunmer characters as such i used the idea that their family is a minor house.

Not all houses can aspire to greatness like Telvanni or Hlaalu, but that doesn't make them any less noteworthy.
As a Minor house supporting the great house which it is a vassal to (in Ranleth's case Telvanni), Minor houses are 0ften made of a single family, such family will be related either by blood or marriage and holdings are often small consisting of little more than a estate or manor and any land surrounding such.

All minor houses are tied to a great house but alignment to a great house can change, however in order to prevent one great house from accumulating a larger amount of minor houses and there territory along with it, each great house only have a set number of minor houses as vassals, as a result in order for a new house to be elevated into a minor house, another must be dissolved.
As you can imagine competition among the minor houses is fierce even among minor houses of the same great house however all minor houses must follow the same rules as the great houses when competing with a few minor differences.

Challenges and Writts:
Challenges and writts against another minor house can only be submitted once approved by the leader or representative of a great house.

Military or priesthood service:

If a noble of a minor house has entered the military or priesthood a challenge or writt submitted for that member is void, however this only apply s if they joined before the challenge or writt is submitted in order to prevent fleeing into service.
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