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[PC/EU] Healer looking for PvE trials guild (vCR/vSS HM progression)

Hello, I'm a healer currently looking to join a trials guild, trying to progress through vCR+1/+2 and/or vSS HM.

My main healer is a Warden with whom I've completed all vet Craglorn HM trials, vMoL HM, vHoF HM, vAS+2 and vCR+1. I also have a Templar as a backup.

I'm available for trials from Monday till Saturday, starting from 19:00 CET.

Plz send me a PM or msg me ingame (@Tryxus) if you're willing to give me chance. :)
"In the Storyteller's name, I stand upon the bones of the world. I drink in the promise and power of nature's law, and breathe out my thanks."
Tryxus of the Undying Song - Magicka Warden - PC/EU/DC
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