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CPs missing in friends' list?

Soul Shriven
Hey! Anyone knows why the cps are missing for this guys in my friends' list? Also, if I whisper him, I receive a message "Account not found.". I disabled all the addons but the problem persists. Any idea on what is going on?
Edited by iFedix on November 21, 2019 6:59PM
  • NeriaMorvayn
    Been wondering the same for a few days...
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    Telacar Aurelas ♢ Altmer Sorcerer/Warrior ᐁ⚔
    Galas Hlaalu ♢ Dunmer Nightblade Assassin ⚔
    Ja'qen H'karr ♢ Khajiit Templar Thief ⚔
    Aras Morvayn ♢ Dunmer Sorcerer ✺
    Astidis Artellian ♢ Breton Dragonknight ᐁ
    Georgius Maxentius ♢ Imperial Dragonknight ᐁ
    Deryah at-Ravan ♢ Redguard Warden Pirate ⚔
    Shel gra-Yargul ♢ Orsimer Vampire Necromancer ✺

    Fenrir Stormcaller ♢ Nord Dragonknight ᐁ
    Rana Hlaalu ♢ Dunmer Sorceress ✺
    Aryaanye Direnni ♢ Altmer Hulkynd Nightblade Assassin ⚔
    Elanas Nightshade ♢ Bosmer Werewolf Nightblade ⚔
    Ri'zargo H'karr ♢ Khajiit Templar ᐁ
    Shabani H'karr ♢ Khajiit Warden Thief ⚔
    Belethor the Scoundrel ♢ Breton Merchant Bullshitter
  • redgreensunset
    It's because they're logged off but the system shows them as still logged in on friend lists and guild roster for some reason.
  • Pheefs
    & what's it look like if someone on your friends list set themselves as Anonymous?
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  • Pyr0xyrecuprotite
    This issue should have been fixed in today's patch on PC (November 25). The missing level/CPs was a side effect of a bug where people had logged off (or quit), but were still showing as online. Bug was also reported in a couple of other threads (affecting guild roster status):
  • idk
    There was another thread concerning the levels being missing from friend lists a day or two ago.

    My guess is that this has to do with reducing how often our games (and addons) poll the servers to reduce the server load. Character level is fairly tertiary information so it would make sense. Basically, no different that reducing how often our addons can ping for information from the server.

    Just a guess.
    Really, idk
  • iFedix
    Soul Shriven
    Yeah, this seems solved with yesterday patch fortunately!
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