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[PC/EU] Trial guild "That's What She Said" looking for active members

Soul Shriven
Who are we?
That's What She Said was founded in February 2019 and is a midtier to endgame raiding guild, which has its focus on progressive, fun and non-toxic raiding. We currently have about 100 members and are looking to build a strong playerbase.
What do we offer?
  • We have an active discord server for any kinds of questions about builds, rotations and the like and our knowledegable members will always do their best to answer any inquiries.
  • The officers and raidleaders post organised trials on a weekly basis, these trials change every week and if you want to run a specific trial just let them know!
  • Furthermore we currently have two core groups. one is focussing on vCR HM progression and one is set out to get Immortal Redeemer. There are plans on picking up vSS HM progression but that's currently on hold.
  • Last but not least we like banter and there can never be enough of that. ;)
What do you need to join us?
  • For DDs we have a minimum requirement of 75k dps on a Trial dummy, 80k if you are a Stamcro; BiS sets for your class
  • For Tanks and Healers we require you to prove you got all the needed sets for your role and we will ask you to post a screenshot of dressing room/alpha gear etc.
  • Everyone joining the guild should post their trial achievements (uncropped screenshots)
Our ranking system:
Babycarrot - Normal member of the guild who is a good friend, doesn't quite fulfill the requirements of higher ranks yet or is not an active raider
Pickle - The normal rank for a raider, can sign up for trials and DDs must pull at least 75K (or 80 if stamcro)
Zucchini - Higher rank for a raider, can sign up for trials and DDs must pull at least 80k (or 85k if stamcro) + all vCrag HMs/vAS+1/vCR+1/vHoF/vMoL/vSS
Trojans - Core group for vCR HM
Elite Potato - Highly experienced player of the guild who has cleared all content in the game and got them fancy achievements!
Eggplant - Officer of TWSS, organising discord and ingame guild, leading trials and always there to answer your questions if needed
Gourd - The one and only guild leader Jezzebeth, our most loved pothead! <3
….as you can see, size DOES matter
If you want to join us feel free to apply ingame via the guildfinder, drop a message here or slide into my DMs.
Core groups are currently filled but we are looking for members of any role, especially experienced DDs/Tanks to fill other raids/be backups for the cores!
Edited by Ayiia on March 11, 2020 3:42PM
  • Ayiia
    Soul Shriven
    One of our core groups switched focus to vSS HM progression~

    During christmas holidays and new year we probably won't run many scheduled trials due to people not playing the game as much but feel free to apply either way and start fresh with us in the new year! :)
  • Ayiia
    Soul Shriven
    We now have a core group which has its focus set on vAS HM progression, it still has a free DD slot so don't hesitate to apply!
    Furthermore the Magnum core group is planning on starting vSS HM progression but has lost a few of its members in the past battles *oof* so in order to get that one up and running again we are in need of capable Tanks/DDs to fill those spots!
  • Ayiia
    Soul Shriven
    After successfully beating that good ol' vAS+2 the Trojans moved on to vCR HM progression!
    We are always looking for active raiders to join our ranks, random spontaneous trials happening and more static groups in the making if we can find enough people interested in it. Let's fill that IR group and get it rolling! :)
  • Kirikub
    Soul Shriven
    Contact me pls Kirikub@8745
  • miawmiaw1337
    Hi :3 im interested in joining VCR+3 progression group with my magsorc. My dps is 78k in current patch. Im @miamiaw1337 in game
  • Ayiia
    Soul Shriven
    hey @miawmiaw1337, sorry for the slow reply! pls message jezzebeth#2349 on discord if you are still interested :)
  • LordReaper987
    When are your raiding times ?
    Make stam great again
  • Ayiia
    Soul Shriven
    It depends on the groups and raid leaders so it varies quite a bit. The static groups usually run 7-9pm BST. Other runs might start earlier or later so more people from those core groups are also able to join spontaneous other trials.
  • Jeirno
    Where do I sign up/get in contact with someone?
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