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Monk Class

I know next year we are probably not getting a new class. However, Elsweyr and Dragonhold releases brought new NPCs with unique movements and skills. All of those movements are very similar to what I see in other RPGs as a monk-like character. I don't know the lore regarding this in Elder Scrolls, but should I have any hope to see this in a playable toon? Is there anything in the lore regarding this kind of power?
  • OrderoftheDarkness
    Cool, I didn't pay attention to that possibility.
  • Hiddle
    Kranel_san wrote: »
    In my opinion. Having a monk class in Elsweyr chapter would have been far fitting than a necromancer class. There are many monasteries around and there is even a main character ( forgot his name ) in the Elsweyr main storyline who is literally a monk. But currently if they are going to add monk class/unarmed skill line. I see Skyrim as the most fitting chapter since it's pretty easy to imagine a Nord going to fight with his bare hands.

    Funny you mention Skyrim
    because I have a feeling we might be going there next year.
    I hope they add a monk class instead of just a skill line or weapon option.
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    I just don't see Monk as a viable proposition for a new class in ESO.

    There is lore and precedent relating to Monks in TES, but it all points to them being very niche. Khajiit, Imperial blades (Caius Cosades), and Order of the Ancestor Moth. It doesn't really make them major candidates for a new player Class, suitable for all races and cultures in ESO.

    The class identity of Monk must surely include unarmed damage and unarmoured defence. This is not a good fit with ESO game mechanics - Weapon/Spell Damage based on equipped weapon, Physical/Magical Resistance based on equipped armour. A significant change to mechanics would be needed, and I don't see them going for that with all the existing glitches and performance problems.

    It is a stated design goal in ESO that all classes can play all roles. So, how does Monk fit into the Tank role? I just don't see it.

    There are also commercial considerations. We know from datamines that Warden and Necro were in the class list in the Beta phase. They were already in the cupboard, and so relatively cheap to bring up to speed and put into the live game. I don't remember seeing Monk mentioned in that context ever.

    If Monk is not cheap to build, will it bring in lots of extra revenue? What are its selling points?

    Is there great demand for Monk like there was for Necro? I don't see it. There's some, but not a lot.

    Is there any TES nostalgia attached to the Monk class? No, none really.

    Does the Monk class scream POWER FANTASY. Well, a bit of power fantasy maybe. But "scream", no. Certainly no more than the most likely candidate for the next new class which is Battle Mage.
    PC EU
  • Earrindo
    I suspect it's more indicative of an unarmed skill line, rather than a class.
    There's also any number of "classes" that NPCs have but obviously we don't. This may just be a new one is all.
  • Unsanctified
    No reason a monk can't use hand to hand type weapons or armor. Why not? As an example, monks in Diablo use said weapons and all types of armor
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    My head fell off and rolled away.
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  • KillsAllElves
    No reason a monk can't use hand to hand type weapons or armor. Why not? As an example, monks in Diablo use said weapons and all types of armor

    In eso armor types matter. Armor type does not matter in Diablo and is there for aesthetics.

    In Diablo3 MOST abilities are not based on weapon types and are more relevant to magic. However certain class abilities do require a specfic weapon.

  • Chaos2088
    A Monk class would be epic
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  • Dojohoda
    With Monk, I would also hope for a Magicka damage staff (skill line) possibly with some healing built-in. Well, with or without Monk, I hope for a Magicka damage staff. :p

    Returned to this to elaborate and to say that I would like the Magicka staff to animate much like restoration staff in that it idles like a walking stick. :#
    Edited by Dojohoda on December 23, 2019 5:18PM
    Fan of playing magblade since 2015. (PC NA)
    Might be joking in comments.
  • Iccotak
    The problem with a Monk class is implementing hand-to-hand combat
    How would that work regarding completing sets? Would that limit the player or would ZOS have to create a whole new type of gauntlet weapon? How would that impact the other classes?

    Seeing as how everything else a Monk has is already covered by other classes and skill lines perhaps a Monk skill line is the best solution.
    It would mostly passive benefits with a couple active abilities - maybe an ability that is something like the Blade of Woe?

    Perhaps the Psijiic skill line is ZOS version of a Monk skill line?
  • VocalThought
    Iccotak wrote: »
    The problem with a Monk class is implementing hand-to-hand combat
    How would that work regarding completing sets?

    Perhaps the Psijiic skill line is ZOS version of a Monk skill line?

    I came up with a World Skill in another post. I called it Marital Arts, but the name is really irrelevant. I think making it a World Skills allows players to thread some skills into their current loadout, with or without weapons, while giving bonuses to fighting Unarmed and Unarmored.
  • Aristocles22
    Monk class would be too dated. Despite what the internet may tell you sometimes, Japanese-culture stuff just isn't cool with the general public anymore, a handful of US-made films about their IPs notwithstanding. This is why the number of references to it have dropped precipitously in Western games. That, and there's no more fear that they will "eat our lunch" or in any way overtake the US economically (they came close to matching the American GDP in the 80s and early-mid 90s, but now we have an economy about four times the size of theirs), so our companies feel no need to pander to Japanese tastes. Seriously, every other roleplaying or fantasy game in the 1990s used to have a ninja or samurai reference, not anymore. Almost the only reference we've gotten in ESO apart from the Dragonguard are a couple of locations in Elsewyr with the Akaviri. We even have more references to Mesopotamia in ESO than we do Japan, thanks to Vivec City and a ton of place names in Vvardenfell.

    Point is, making something "Japanese" or stereotypically East Asian isn't a strong selling point anymore. If it was, we'd have gotten monks, samurai, and Akaviri content from the get-go.
    Edited by Aristocles22 on February 16, 2020 10:31AM
  • kitzken
    Soul Shriven
    Weapons for the unarmed skill line would be fist wraps/brass knuckles/punching daggers. They also could add new skills line to all the weapons that allow to choose how you use the weapons, so all the weapons would a stamina and magicka abilities.
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